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  1. Thanks for your info! Good to know others have the same issue and whatever IIS folder/reg entry that triggers CC, is`nt being detected, is the reason.
  2. I agree. I play it safe with Firefox now and just use the most recent Firefox "ESR" version. The ESR version is always more stable and keeps most recent security updates.
  3. I have IIS log files in ccleaner list on my Windows 7, but not in Windows 8.1---I have a dual boot set up for both OS`s. I`d like to know the reason why it`s not listed in Windows 8.1 My other system cleaner has IIS log file cleaning---I`ll just have to use that one for those files apparently. I prefer CCLEANER for all my other system cleaning.
  4. Hi, I checked my system with a different system cleaner and it found 3mb of IIS log files, so apparently IIS is installed on my Windows 8.1 Pro 32 bit system. I don`t know why CCleaner does`nt have an option to clean those.
  5. I don`t know is IIS server is installed or not. How would I check for that?
  6. Hi, I have Windows 8.1 and under the "advanced" category there is no listing for IIS LOG file cleaning. Why is that? Thanks
  7. Thanks for the info! I'll check the builds site again next week.
  8. Hi, I`ve been to the builds site and no listing for the slim build, just the regular and portable builds are listed.
  9. Sure is good to see resizing the UI has been added to 5.04. Making the UI smaller on screen cuts down on all the white space too making it a little easier on the eyes. I know many could`nt even use it at all before the resizing update. Now if only they`d offer an optional UI like in 4.xxx versions. One can only wish. Thanks
  10. I`ve raised the white flag on this.It`s just not worth the mental fatigue.A "ghost only CCleaner is seeing" it shall be. At least all of my other software programs no longer detect it and that`s good. I`m amazed my operating system is still fully functional after deleting dozens of leftover reg keys associated with google chrome. What those dozens of leftover reg keys were really doing is beyond me.All I know is there is much more going on under the hood of that browser than what meets the eye. Thanks for all the suggestions to eveyone to chimed in!
  11. Maybe this issue is really a Ccleaner bug.I base this thought since all my other software programs are "not" detecting anything google chrome anymore---just ccleaner is. Reverting back to version 4.17.4808 did eliminate all 10 items under google chrome under startup,but it still lists google chrome in the apps list. I know there are much more important things in life than this issue---but since I have it whittled down to just google chrome in the apps list---anyone have any thoughts on how to get rid of that? If this issue ever gets resolved,at least there would be much info in this thread from very helpful members here on how to resolve it if anyone else ever has the same issue.
  12. I uninstalled v.5.02.5101 and installed v.4.17.4808. This time it lists nothing at all under google chrome in tools--startup--google chrome in version 4.17.4808. All 10 entries listed under google chrome in v.5.02.5101 are now gone. But can you believe it still lists google chrome and all it`s cleaning options in the app list?
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