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  1. Right click on the scheduled task and click properties, in there put a check mark on run only when logged on. When windows xp is using an account without a password the tasks cant run so you have to tell xp to run it only when logged on. I just updated my setup an hour ago to make the run only when logged on as default. So hopefully no more people will run into this problem. Shane
  2. Sorry I dont agree that microsoft knows best. They release there OS's in a default setup and leave it to admins and such to change things as needed, this is why micosoft has so many tools to do this. nlite/vlite simply takes the microsoft tools and puts them in a easy interface. Microsoft even release tools to change the setups of windows. Some common tools are sysprep, tweakui and others. how about in xp pre sp1 remeber how ms had the messaging service on by default and spammers went crazy with it? With 1000's of different hardware systems out there there is no way ms can make things perfect. MS takes care of its corp customers before the home users, this is a common fact. In a corp environment the messaging service is a good service but for home users? So fine tuning the OS is always a option, Why fix what ain't broke? Simple to make it more efficient. But being a Computer admin for 14 years to hear MS knows best just about made me bust a gut. If it wasnt for Microsoft I wouldnt have a job. Now this isnt bashing just my 2 cents. There is always 2 sides to an issue. Now for most the default of windows is fine. But for people who want things perfect, like myself, MS provides tools for you to make things better, so even MS knows the default isnt always best.
  3. On vista the only time I have seen cleanmem not work was when vista was giving it rights to do the job. I have it running on a my vista all day, BUT i have UAC turned off and superfech turned off. if you have the uac on try this instead, go to the windows task scheduler, and you should see the cleanmem entry, right click on it and go to properties, at the bottom should be a check to run with highest privileges put a check on that and hit apply and then ok. now right click on the entry and click run. See if it works then. if so the uac is blocking it, you may have to right click on cleanmem and go to the compatibility tab and tell it to run as administrator. A pain im sure. All my customers run with uac turned off. The reason being is all the uac has done is teach my customers to just click ok every time it pops up without even reading it! but I dont want to start on the uac debate lol. But look, the cleanmem is free, small and there if you need it. There will be people who like it and people who dont which we have seen here. it simply a tool ive had been using for over a year and decided to share! You have my respect if you tried it but it just wasn't for you, I thank you for testing it. If you tried it and plan on using it good for you, im glad I could help. Shane
  4. the program call for permissions to run the api on each process. protected processes like antivirus and such cant be touch. The ideal situation for the program is on servers and machines under heavy usage or computers that haven't shut off in weeks. We all have seen how explorer.exe (good example) climbs in memory use as the day goes on, thus a memory leak. The api doesn't interfere with a process, even ones currently climbing in memory, the api basicly goes in and clears all unused memory and thats it if memory is in use its not touched so the process doesnt suffer, nothing in anyway changes, the page file, virtual memory all of it is untouched and doesnt grow. Well with the program you just set it and forget it. I use the task scheduler to run the cleanmem.exe by default 30 min, but great thing about the task scheduler is the user can change it to anything they like. if your system has only been on for a few hours, you havent done much and dont have much running and have plenty of free memory your not going to notice anything. Cause you system only slows down when you run out of memory. But at least now you dont have to worry about memory leaks in processes sucking up all the memory. Thats the real goal of the program. So you can see how on servers, gaming systems, people using memory hungry programs like autocad and photoshop get a great use out of cleanmem. But even a normal user can have it running and keep things running like they should. anyways my site is www.pcwintech.com I have a how to on there for the task scheduler that might be helpful. if you want a great way to see how well it works do this, open your task manager and click on the processes tab, now find explorer.exe, now go and open a bunch of folders and do things in windows and watch the memory grow with explorer. Now go to start and then run type in cleanmem and hit ok Now watch the memory of explorer in 5 sec it will drop, it will grow slowly again when you use explorer again but thats the point, keep things clean. Shane
  5. Yeah I have seen that big time since I released cleanmem a few days ago. A buddy of mine couldn't remember my new site name and so googled cleanmem and found this forum and he tells me people are having trouble understanding how it works. By the time I get here to answer questions I read post from people who haven't tried it and are shooting it down. I guess I just take a lot of pride in my work and I try my hardest to make everyone happy. Something I have to realize is making everyone happy is just not going to happen. But let me give some insight on how i came across the api call. I run my own computer repair and been a programmer for a long time, when I started playing around with vb .net (I still use vb 6) I noticed it was a memory hog but when you minimized it the memory went down. I wanted to know how it did this and after doing some research I found the api that .net calls to clean itself up. So I started using it in my cs fire monitor and seen it worked very well. So I then decided to make one for my customers when I do windows reinstalls and so for over the past year my program has been running on a few hundred machines and the program doesnt really give a performance increase, but it keeps the system cleaned up of memory leaks. Well once I got my new site up I wanted to release my first tool so I decided to take my tool and release it. And so here i am trying my best to answer questions and working on more free tools to release. So if anyone ever has concern or wants to know exactly whats going on in any one of my programs all they have to do is ask. Anyways sorry if I came off rough. -Shane
  6. Oh forgot to mention, the reason why a lot of the memory cleaners out there dont use this api call is because it wasnt documented till .net, every time you minimize a .net program the memory cleans itself up, this is the api call that is built into .net Cleanmem simply took that nice little tweak from ms and applies it to the other processes.
  7. But cleanmem isnt the same as other memory cleaners. Other memory cleaners are fake as they simply use up all ram there is forcing windows to release ram and move it to the page file. Cleanmem simply runs 1 api call and lets windows handle the rest. http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms682606(VS.85).aspx which if you used cleanmem and watched your page file and virtual memory settings neither grow at all, and in fact the page file drops by a few mb. The memory that is unused windows simply cleans up, the process can then take it back when it is needed. This is why you actually see a increase in free memory. Nothing huge but when you have a exe with a memory leak a tool that can tell windows to go clean it up is the trick. I have been a programmer for many years and know windows memory very well. I also know how much of a pain it is, this program doesnt clean the memory it asks windows to. Since windows is in charge of keeping things clean it makes sence to have windows do the work. But please before you bash and shoot down a program that you havent even tested and verified please do your homework on why people are even talking about this app in the first place. http://www.pcwintech.com/tools/CleanMem.html you can see your not the only one who thought this was a bogus program like majorgeeks did, till they ran it through tests and found it was for real.
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