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  1. This isnt a flaw bud. The repairs are all in one bat files. These are safe to have in there. If they are not on the system the regsrv32.exe just says its not there and moves on. Thats why you see the syswow64 in there as well. They are ment to be ran on any version of windows. Since it was safe to do it this way instead of braking the regsvr32.exe commands apart for 32 & 64 bit then for each version of windows. Would have been a nightmare. :-) Shane
  2. Updated out. Have a good christmas everyone :-D Advanced system tweaker is almost ready for public beta release. Just need to get the help files made :-) Shane
  3. So setting it to auto would fix those users who disabled it and didnt realize it or for users who have software that need it to auto. The goal is to repair not tweak. So after words a user can go a tweak their services again if need be. So by setting it to auto in the repair it will fix those 2 types of people :-) Auto it is. Shane
  4. Perhaps I should just remove WIA from the repair. It isnt critical and will help avoid problems like this for people. It is another windows service that starts out set one way but gets changed per user setup. Better to avoid it dont you think? Shane
  5. I will get the service set to auto in the repair :-) Black vipers site had it as manual. I will get it changed sometime today (have to wrap gifts) Merry christmas! Shane
  6. Thanks bud :-) Wasn't sure if you guys would have liked me posting to my forums. Shane
  7. As with every repair in the program I made the repair a stand alone exe as well. I would like to get more testers and feedback before I put out the new windows repair with it. So if you would give this a try and let me know :-) http://www.tweaking.com/content/page/set_windows_services_to_default_startup.html Shane
  8. The search indexer I have set to disabled and is one of my tweaks in my simple performance boost program. http://www.tweaking.com/content/page/simple_performance_boost.html On older systems with 1 cpu you will see a huge decrease in performance as it takes the cpu to catalog everything. Then the more files you have on your system the larger the catalog and the more cpu it needs to work with it. Drives me nuts. So off it goes. All it means is searches are slower. I can live with that :-) This is for XP and newer. Shane
  9. True. And for techs like us we wouldn't need a repair like this. These repairs are for techs fixing systems, or home users trying to fix stuff. What if one of the things a person is trying to repair is the windows search being slow? They need the search indexer. So perhaps doing them all is best perhaps not. I have my simple performance boost program a user can run off the site after the repairs to get some speed back. I am worried if a person runs this one repair and their older system slows down because more bull crap MS services are running. But at the same time what about users who have important services that need to be running. This repair really is a double edged sword. No matter what you win and lose it seems. And the biggest thing is the users who dont bother reading anything and just run everything. Now this wont hurt anything, but if more services are back to their defaults there system could become a little slower. Then they bash my repair tool. I am also getting mixed feedback from users on this new repair idea. Some love it, some hate it. Shane
  10. What services have you changed from their MS defaults? I know you didnt change every single one of them, so not sure why you are against the services you haven't touched still being set to what they currently are. So I am curious to what services you did change :-) For example, for my self I HATE the search indexer. And always have it off. I would prefer it stay off. Since it isnt an important service I think I will have the repair skip it. SO what other services are not important but resource hogs that I can have it skip? Shane
  11. Already have a winsock repair in the repair tool so that's good :-) On this "altered the default state" I wont be changing their default states I will be putting them back to their defaults. Being put back to the defaults that Windows set them at should be extremely safe. I will just go through all 200+ services on black vipers site and get the defaults Windows has for all of them. Shane
  12. Its not going to trun on or off a number of services. What it is going to do is set all the services startup type to their defaults. Mimicking the list like on this page http://www.blackviper.com/2010/12/17/black-vipers-windows-7-service-pack-1-service-configurations/ So it will be a safe repair. The only downfall is if say someone turned off a service like the annoying search indexer, after this repair and a reboot it would be running again. But like you said there are services that malware turns off. Perhaps a middle ground path then? Instead of every single service just the important ones? While not touching any others. Thoughts? Shane
  13. The Windows tweaker in me didn't like the idea of a repair to set the MS services back to startup defaults, because I tweak mine out and was worried how other tweakers would be about it. But the repair request came from a service tech who uses the program and when I has some other techs who fix computers they love the repair ideas. What do you guys think? Shane
  14. Keep in mind the repair will only change and set windows services to their default startup state. It isn't going to mess with any other services, that would be far to dangerous :-) Shane
  15. Going through all the default startup settings for all the services in windows on blackvipers website. Going to make a repair that will set all of windows services to their default startup state (For those users or viruses that mess with them and disable or change them) Think this will be a helpful repair? (Mainly for non tech users I am sure) Shane
  16. Try exporting them out first and then import them back in once you know it is fixed and working :-) This way you wont lose your scheduled tasks but you will be having windows recreate them by the import. http://technet.micro...y/cc709661.aspx Shane
  17. I already have 3 sections before you start the repairs :-) Shane
  18. LOL dont think that will work. I have a few computer shpos and some other fellow techs who use the program when fixing computers. Tech seems to get the best results of the program because they understand it better. Non tech people use it trying to fix something the program doesnt cover, or who knows what and just run everything. And when their problem isnt fixed they dont both contacting me they just give the program a 1 star on some of the sites. The nature of the beats I guess. But as the program grows I will have it cover more and more things. Next repair I am working on is a repair to put all the Microsoft services back to their default startup (For those people who messed them up) Also going to be looking into the reg key info for the services. Once I have that layed out being able to put the services reg info back into the registry can fix broken or delete services. That will be fun to test :-) Shane
  19. What do you guys think about having the unhide non system files be separate from the program? I made that repair with that one virus in mind where it hides everything. I have users running every single repair. Now normally and so far unhideing files isn't a problem, since most non system files are not hidden. But just like this person I just helped http://www.tweaking.com/forums/index.php/topic,18.0.html There was a hidden file in their startup folder. And since it because unhidden it started showing up at startup, and of course my program got blamed for it being there. Since the unhide files is meant for those extreme cases do you think it should be an exe by itself or left int he repair program? Thoughts? Shane
  20. "if it becomes popular you'll have people trying to "fix" their computers by checking every checkbox, ruining their computer in the process" You right on that one. So far every non tech user I have seen use it runs every single repair. I dont think they even read what the repairs do lol Thats why I have the basic, advanced and custom. In basic I dont have the permissions even selected. SO far everyone just keeps choosing custom and doing them all. ON the task scheduler, are you able to start the task scheduler service by any chance? Shane
  21. I am not sure. What mine does is as it loops through all the files any file marked as system is skipped. And all others are unhid. I did this because other wise system files, like desktop.ini whould start showing up. Didnt want home users messing with the system files. :-)
  22. Viruses still get on the system anyway and things get broken all the time. I clean viruses off customers machines almost daily. When file permissions get screwed up you cant install updates, programs crash and other things happen as well. Had a user who couldn't get a service pack installed. It was because of file permissions. After this repair was ran the service pack is installed. Also a lot of viruses out there mess up the file and reg permissions. The goal of these repairs is to get the system working again after the permissions have been screwed. The unhide system files I made because of a virus that is out there the marks every single file on the drive as hidden. After seeing it on a few of my customers machines I wanted a way to unhide them again but still leave the system files hidden like they normally are. So that is this repair. The program shouldn't leave ANY trace on the system. It is a portable tool. It is a self extracting exe which after words you can just delete when your done with it. Since it is a tool you would only need when something is broken I didnt think a setup was needed. Most of the techs who use it just keep the extracted folder on a thumb drive :-) The program is still young and needs to grow. My goal is to have a repair tool that can save someone from having to do a reinstall. To help those people who can't afford a computer tech, and of course to help my fellow techs out there. Just had a user post on the facebook page for tweaking.com how the tool fixed his problems. So feedback is always welcome. Just like my other programs it can only get better thanks to the users :-) Shane
  23. I have it running while playing all my games at MAX settings and don't miss a beat :-) Try it out. You can always turn it off or uninstall it if you like :-) Shane
  24. That is true, and for a lot of novices who are scared of any new program the awards do make them feel better. It is a pro/con situation. Any one of those sites that show not to be respectful I will remove in a heartbeat Shane
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