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  1. You can set the level of transparency for the mini monitor :-) And thanks Nergal :-) Shane
  2. The task scheduler now is set to 15 min by default. The pro mini monitor though now gives you more options as well Shane
  3. I removed the button so people could set the position of the text. Plus the button was ugly lol There are 2 other ways to manually run cleanmem. You can just right click on the monitor now. Or you can even set the gloab hot key so it will run when you hit the keys you set And of course the day I release cleanmem my host's entire LA complex goes down. They host over a million sites, all of them down. They better work fast or they are going to have a lot of ticked off people lol. Shane
  4. CleanMem 2.0 is released :-) http://www.pcwintech.com/cleanmem If you have the release candidate just simply install the final release over your current. No need to uninstall :-) I truly hope you like it. Shane
  5. Yeah I am kinda proud how fine tuned the mini monitor is coming along thanks to my users giving feedback I just put out another update 15 min ago. Besides a minor menu change I was able to fix the system tray icon. On my Windows 7 I don't have the UAC enabled. So I never knew of this bug with my system tray icons. Normally when explorer.exe is restarted my tray icon code will recreate the icon. It looks for the TaskBarCreated flag from explorer.exe Well when the UAC is on, processes not running as admin (explorer.exe) can not send messages to processes running as admin (mini_monitor.exe) So when explorer would create the task bar my program never gets the message and so the icon disappears. Well I did some digging and found a new API that allows my app to say that the message is allowed to come to it. Now the tray icon shows up after explorer.exe restarts with the UAC on So I just updated my other 3 programs that use the same code and putting out updates today. :-) So far looks like Monday is still on track to be the release date for CleanMem 2.0 Shane
  6. Update. http://forums.pcwintech.com/index.php/topic,1781.msg11101.html#msg11101 You can get the new setup on the first post on that thread. Added a new pro feature in the advanced monitor. Fixed a bug I found and changed some more GUI settings. Shane
  7. CleanMem helps the systems with little ram the most. I have cleanmem running every 15 min right now as I play dragon age 2 at max settings. and the game doesn't miss a beat. I am confident that CleanMem is not the problem, but no one can know for sure. Perhaps its a combo of things. Only way to find out is to test one at a time :-) Shane
  8. CleanMem itself is still set it and forget it, no changes where needed. Same as it always has been. The updates are all in the mini monitor in 2.0 besides changing the default run time from 30 to 15 min for CleanMem. There was a small bug fix in cleanmem 2.0 where if a person had a ignore or only list that was longer than 255 chars it wouldn't get them all. That has been fixed. Every feature in the mini monitor from 1.7.0 is in 2.0 and part of the free version plus some extra free new features. Current change log is on the first post here http://forums.pcwintech.com/index.php/topic,1781.0.html Shane
  9. It shouldn't be cleanmem. Cleanmem is only running when the task scheduler runs it, then when it is done it closes. SO total time CleanMem is running is about 2 sec. every 15 min by default. The mini monitor does very little as it is just reading windows api's. You can try disabling CleanMem from running and see if it makes a difference. But in the 5 years CleanMem has been out I have never seen or heard of it causing any problems. Shane
  10. Thanks for letting me know. The CleanMem.ini was set to always overwrite in the setup instead of never. I have changed that :-) I will update the setup now and it will be that way in future setups. Shane
  11. New update. Bug files and GUI fixes and updates. New screen shot of the GUI changes and the new setup is here http://forums.pcwintech.com/index.php/topic,1781.msg10583.html Just download the setup and install over your current. Still 2.0.0 as it will be on the final release :-) Hopefully the settings window looks better now. Shane
  12. I was going to add a auto update feature like in my simple port forwarding program. But I decided not to. Once CleanMem is done I don't see to many updates needing to be put out that warrants a auto update feature :-) But people can follow my site by rss, twitter and facebook, so when I do put out an update they will know. And as you seen it is very eay to update. It just installs over the old version. Shane
  13. That's a relief? Lol looks like removing that column was a good idea lol. Just download the new setup or zip and just replace the one you have. :-) Shane
  14. I just update the setup. I made one small change to the mini monitor. On the advanced monitor rules, I had a result date & time column. I was looking at it and realized it was unneeded as the last check time was below the list anyways, and they all showed the same time. So by removing it it helps it look even cleaner :-) This was not a major change so no need to update yours if you already have it installed till the final release is out. I am sure I will be making more minor changes and final touches by then :-) Shane
  15. I am glad you like it so far :-) Keep in mind cleanmem auto runs every 15 min from the task scheduler to. That pro feature is for the users who only want cleanmem to run when memory gets high. For myself I have it run every 15 min. I'm on Win 7 64 bit 8gb of ram. The pro features are enabled for 7 days. I felt that was a fair time for users to decide if they want or even need the pro features. I have no clue how the pro will do. I did my best, but I didn't want to cripple the mini monitor to force the sale of the pro. I simply don't work that way. So I will let the RC be out for the whole week. And by next weekend if I have got no bug complaints and everything looks good I will release it and replace v1.7.0 If you haven't make sure to read the help page I made. It shows you all the features that are in the mini monitor now :-) Personally I think the different text options for the mini monitor (which is a pro feature) is worth it the most. Only because I use it the most lol. Currently I have it set to process count and system up time on my system. And when needed I can change it to show other stats when I need the info. The changing of the bar fill picture I think will be nice to. A user can make their own, thus giving a lot of themeing control to the user. Now I rambling on lol. I get that way some times. Shane
  16. My bad spelling strikes again lol Link fixed Shane
  17. Just finished the help file for it and what options are in the new version. Hope you like it :-) http://www.pcwintech.com/cleanmem-help And yes CleanMem is 32 bit, the only reason for the 64 bit option is so the setup knows which system32 dir to put cleanmem in for the task scheduler :-) I also found a bug in the advanced monitor rules and updated the setup. So you may want to reinstall with the new setup. Shane
  18. I just updated the setup, found a small spelling problem lol. Good at math, horrible at spelling lol. The misspelling in the code kept one part from working. Thats now fixed. The setup should replace all the cleanmem files except for your settings. can you post a screen shot for me? I am also writing the guide on all the features now as we speak. Should have it done soon. Shane
  19. CleanMem 2.0 Release Candidate is ready for testing! Download links and change log is here. http://forums.pcwintech.com/index.php/topic,1781.0.html I will have people test this through this week and make the final release in a week if all goes well. The pro version can be bought now. I will be setting up the shopping cart in a few min. This is pretty much what the program will be when released (unless any bugs are found). Only it is hard for me to test everything. And I don't want to release it then have to put out updates right away Please let me know what you think of the new version and if I did good on it. Need to keep my users happy :-) Shane
  20. I will have the first release candidate of 2.0 ready some time today, i will post when it is ready for downloading :-) Shane
  21. Got a ton of work done on CleanMem 2.0 I have an updated screen shot and it should be ready for testing by Monday (I am hoping) http://www.pcwintech.com/showimage?file=/files/cleanmem_2.0_in_the_works.png Anyone want to help me beta test Also I haven't got to much feedback yet. So any comments are welcome. Shane
  22. Thanks, I just updated the screen shot today, got another section done. I am going to need beta testers soon :-) Shane
  23. I hope you guys don't mind, but I am looking for feedback as I make CleanMem 2.0 CleanMem itself will stay free as always and will still be set it and forget it. The mini monitor will be a free/pro version that I will sale for $4.99 And most importantly, EVERYTHING in CleanMem 1.7.0 will also be in 2.0 and still be free. It doesn't feel right to take away features from user I have details on the new version here http://forums.pcwintech.com/index.php/topic,1781.msg10583.html And here is a screen shot as the program looks so far as of today. (I will also attach the screen shot) http://www.pcwintech.com/files/cleanmem_2.0_in_the_works.png Feedback would be great. And thanks again everyone :-) Shane
  24. I downloaded Defraggler today. (thanks willy2 for making me aware of it) love the app by the way. As DF was moving one of my vmware files (20 gb) to the end of the hard drive DF memory usage was about 175 mb. I ran cleanmem and the memory didn't move. Because all the memory in DF was in use. After the file move DF did a good job lowering and went back down to 20 mb or so. Then cleanmem took it down to 2 mb while it was moving small files. DF does a good job cleaning up after itself. Some things are impossible to clean up. A least for me with vb. That's where I think cleanmem comes in and helps DF. Point is, from one programmer to another, thumbs up for good programming and the cleaning up DF does :-) Shane
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