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  1. I dont know much about brothersoft. Softpedia and majorgeeks are great. They all came to me and gave me the rewards, so I added them, didn't really think any further than that on it lol. I checked the alexa rank on them and they where all pretty high, so I thought, sure why not :-) Shane
  2. I dont totally agree on that one. Majorgeeks (Good friends of mind) and some of the other download sites have very good reputations, and when they take the time to look at a program and make sure it is worth it then it actually looks good to show that. I never heard of bad software showing off awards (Unless they where fake) Now if I was listing crap awards from crap sites then I would agree. But sites like majorgeeks.com have my respect and I am happy to show any award from them :-) Keep in mind CleanMem doesn't force the memory to be cleaned out a processes. Only the memory marked as no longer is use is freed up. So you may have a program that is simply using and marking more memory in use. Now Windows does keep some of the memory in the page file no matter what. So when you lowered the page file it may just be Windows keeping more in actualy memory instead. (I have 8gb of ram and have my page file off and so I have higher memory usage, about 1.7 GB in use at all times) Shane
  3. CleanMem v2.1.0 http://www.pcwintech.com/cleanmem v2.1.0 (All changes in this version are for both Free & Pro versions.) Moved system up time from the bottom of the window to the top menu. There a user can now decide how the program will pull the system up time. Default is GetTickCount API (49 Days Max) the other is by the Windows Performance Counters (No Max). The reason for the 2 options is for users who have disabled their performance counters and do not wish to turn them back on. GetTickCount counts since system boot and includes suspends/hibernation time as well, but has the limit of going up to 49 days. The performance counter only counts as windows is running and doesn't during suspends/hibernation, but doesn't have the 49 day limit. Added new option to disable the bar fill graphic. This is for the users who want the monitor to be just pure text. Such as when using blending mode into the desktop. Added new compact mode for the mini monitor. This will hide the text and the make the bar 50% smaller. Making a very nice small monitor that stays out of the way. Add some pre made compact bar graphics to the setup. Added new mini monitor start with windows options. You can now set the mini monitor to run at system startup for the current user or all users. Shane
  4. Sorry won't happen again. Shane
  5. Updated the new program. I know this is a thread about cleanmem. Sorry :-) I wont post about the new program again till it is released LOL http://forums.pcwintech.com/index.php/topic,1909.0.html New compact bar mode. You can now set the color settings between the 2 bars instead of just 1. System tray icon now has color indicator. If the program doesn't pull the drive speed make sure you haven't disabled the performance monitor in windows :-) Enjoy! Shane
  6. For me it is the indicator that I need to look deeper :-) Haven't looked if Windows vista or 7 lets me pull thats processes using the drive, I know it doesnt in XP. But at least if I see the drive being bogged down I know to start looking. And normally something using that much drive speed your going to know which app it is :-) Also helps in seeing a drive going bad as the drive will run slower and slower. So when you see the speeds never getting where they use to you know it is time to get a new drive. Shane
  7. Good to know! I need to make sure to put that on the page when the program is done for other users :-) I have a use for it, main reason why I made it lol. When my system is sluggish and my cpu and memory are fine, I have to look at the hard drive light on my system to see it working away. I wanted to see how much was being done when that happens. So for me it serves a good purpose :-) It will be a free app and there for people who need it :-) Shane
  8. Some people are getting confused thinking the program shows the actual max speed of the drive, it doesn't, it shows the read and write it is currently using. So I have updated the setup, grab the new one. Also here is some more info on it. http://forums.pcwintech.com/index.php/topic,1907.msg12244.html#msg12244 Thanks again guys. Shane
  9. It hooks to the performance monitor in windows. Under physical drive and uses _Total. It shows what the current read and write speed is on the drive, so if nothing is reading or writing to it will show 0 bytes. Try doing a defrag with the monitor open and let me know :-) Shane
  10. bah! forgot I had hot linking disabled lol grab the link from this post http://forums.pcwintech.com/index.php/topic,1907.msg12184.html#msg12184 Shane
  11. CleanMem v2.0.3 is released. On a side note, Hope you guys dont mind me posting this here. But I just made a new program, took me only a few hours today. Mainly because I cheated lol I took the cleanmem mini monitor code, ripped out everything I didn't need and made this new monitor. Saved me TONs of work not having to recode all the same stuff over again. It is a monitor to show the current read and write speed of your hard drive. Since the drive is the bottle neck of performance, knowing when your drive is under a load is good to know. I just finished this, no page for it yet as I want it tested. If you try it please email me any problems you have. Otherwise after a day or two to make sure nothing is broken I will release it by Sunday :-) Give it a quick try :-) Not bad for a few hours of work I hope. http://www.pcwintech.com/files/setups/drive_speedometer_v1.0.0_setup.exe Shane
  12. CleanMem v2.0.2 Released. http://www.pcwintech.com/cleanmem v2.0.2 Added "Reset Window Positions" option to context menu. Multiple GUI tweaks and fixes. Fixed minor bug where the mini monitor wouldn't hold its startup position in some cases. Program now remembers the screen position of the settings windows and others. The reset mini monitor position will also reset these windows as well. Window positions are now saved under the Current User Reg keys. This has multiple benefits. If a person runs the mini monitor from a thumb drive and on multiple computers, the position will be saved on each computer instead of the ini file. This also lets different users on the same system have the monitor in different positions than the other users. Fixed bug where the Page File information on the Memory Info Window didn't detect on Windows 7. Page file info on the memory info window has been updated to pull better information. Such as actual current usage of the page file on the disk. Fixed bug where the mini monitor didn't always exit & close. Shane
  13. V2.0.1 is out :-) v2.0.1 Fixed rare crashes on some systems when trying to exit the mini monitor or open its menu. Added minimize button to the settings windows. Shane
  14. My friend just confirmed that the new exe is no longer crashing on his system :-) I will be getting 2.0.1 ready for release. Man I hate doing this to people, make an update so quick. But I want the stuff working right :-) Shane
  15. Says address was blocked, have it scan the exe. Hopefully the new api isnt making the new exe look like a virus lol I will upload it to virustotal.com now and see what it says. Shane
  16. OK, only 1 thing of code is called when you right click on the tray icon. In VB when you show a menu and try to click away from the menu, the menu will stay till you click something on it. To get around that I have it calling a single api before it shows the menu SetForegroundWindow http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms633539%28v=vs.85%29.aspx What this would do is set the window to focus, so when you clicked away from the menu the menu would unload like any other. Well since this is the only bit of code being ran when it locked up on you I decided to find another way. the SetForegroundWindow works by the thread of the window. perhaps this has a problem on some systems? So instead I found an old api that will set the focus by the window and not the thread SwitchToThisWindow http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms633553%28v=vs.85%29.aspx This seems safer as it is only setting a window and not having to go for the thread like the other api. I think I will leave it this way. If you haven't update to 2.0.1 on the link I gave please do so. I haven't released it yet. When you load it right click on the icon and hit exit. Then check the task manager, did it close? The other bug my friend had was something is off on his system, I don't know what. In my current 2.0.0 exe I have the command "End" after it is done unloading. What this says is to forcibly kill the exe now. On mine and many others everything ends, no problems. Yet on his he gets a crash. SO I changed the code and no longer call "End" instead I do the unload me call. Which will only close the process if everything is done and unloaded. So hopefully I improved the shutdown of the program well enough to where everything unloads. For me the new shut down works, just need it tested :-) Long winded enough for ya lol Shane
  17. Here is a test for v2.0.1 (If it works it will be the release) http://www.sendspace.com/file/8xst7k (Replace the mini monitor exe with this one) I changed 3 things. 1. I changed the API used to pull up the Menu (I did this in case the api I had was causing the cpu spike when you open the menu. 2. Added a minimized button to all the windows. 3. Changed the shutdown process of the program. I did this in case it was causing the cpu spike. Also on one persons machine, and for some reason only his, when he would exit the mini monitor it would crash. I have him testing this one as well. Hopefully the better shut down process should shut down everything better and avoid a cpu spike or crash. I couldn't get either to happen on my system. So all I could do was look at the code that was called when this things happened. Fingers crossed :-) Shane
  18. I should ask, when you right click on the tray icon does the cpu spike, or is it when you clicked on exit? Shane
  19. When you open task manger was it the mini monitor using the CPU? Shane
  20. Its what I'm here for :-) Shane
  21. All done :-) Download and install the new setup, still the same version. No need to uninstall the old one. I even updated the screen shot to show the balloon tip letting users know to double click on the monitor to run cleanmem. Hope this covers it for ya :-) http://www.pcwintech.com/cleanmem Shane
  22. Here you go http://www.pcwintech.com/cleanmem-help I will go ahead and add the double click to the monitor. I don't want to put out a new version since I just released it last night. But I will update my setups with it here ina bit. I will get started on it now, should be easy to do :-) Shane
  23. Or instead of the button you could double click on the monitor? I don't know, to many choices lol Shane
  24. Perhaps I could put the button back, but have it hidden by default? Then a user can decide to show it or not? It was a simple button that just called cleanmem. Wouldn't be hard to put back :-) Shane
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