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  1. Just wanted to jump in and say, it is 100% possible to kill explorer.exe and then reload it, on Windows XP SP1/SP2/SP3. I've been doing this for years, because it takes off 15-20mb memory. I do it before I load up a game/program that is memory heavy. restarting the explorer.exe process is as easy as hitting ctrl+alt+del, hitting the "New Task.." button, and typing in explorer.exe It has always worked for me. Also, This would be pretty useful to have..
  2. yeah, the monitor supports the resolution. and yeah, guess it seems like it's not the most compatible one to run. I just really want this to work out. I'm thinking it might be possible to change these size values somewhere in the registry so I've been looking around for that. I was just wondering if anyone else has ran into this. And does anyone know if Windows 7 handles resolution scaling better? BTW I resized the image myself so it's easier to see and upload
  3. Okay, so I got a new monitor which supports at max 1920x1080, so I excitedly bumped it up. But now I have run into a few graphic nuisances that make it irritating to use. The main one being, everything on the screen is EXTREMELY small. I guess the high pixel rate kind of smashes everything down and makes it appear that it is physically smaller. http://img412.imageshack.us/img412/318/smallsz.png I'm not sure if you would be able to notice my problem through a screenshot, since your resolution is probably different, you would be seeing a different scale size then I. but if you can compare the taskbar fonts and the desktop icons, to the font in the browser, and then take into acount the size of the whole screen, you might see what I am talking about. Yes, thankfully, Windows has some settings to counter-act this, in: Display Properties > Appearance > Advanced But it doesn't let you change that much. The taskbar font (barely readable), taskbar icons/time, and start menu window width/height are stuck being small. Also other areas here and there that I notice are graphically too small. Has anyone run into this when using higher resolutions? You would think they would make their OS more graphically compatible with different resolutions..
  4. hi, my friend bought a laptop second-hand a few days ago, and the HD is blank/wiped, so she wants to buy a Windows XP installation cd. is it possible to order Windows XP cds online? (legally) I did a google search, didn't really find anything.. the only thing I found, was this joke of a price from the official microsoft site ( Microsoft Windows XP CD ordering page ) they are asking $299.00 for a CD??!?! is this some kind of sick joke? never in my life have I seen a CD worth so much I didn't know wether to laugh or throw up when I saw that page how can they rip people off like that? that's horrible is there anywhere else I can legitely buy the CD? or am I going to have to install Linux on her machine? (she hates it) she actually considered buying the CD for $299.00 if she had to.. I had to knock some sense into her! no way will I let her spend so much money on that
  5. you need to keep the cookie from the address of the actual forum not the main website.. for instance, you keep the cookie for forum.piriform.com not piriform.com like Glenn said, some cookies are set to expire after a certain time.. (some cookies are set to expire once you close your browser) it's a security feature for the site, to keep people off of your account if that's the case, you'll just have to live with logging in each time.. you can stay logged into this forum though. just save the cookie forum.piriform.com and it should work
  6. I'm 100% sure the ones on top are invalid.. I uninstalled all those programs, and deleted all those files that it's showing a long long time ago not too sure about those MSCOM entries on the bottom though. made a backup for those just incase
  7. I can confirm this. I ran my registry cleaner in normal mode, on my normal user account. it found 0 problems. (for reference) I then booted into safe mode. my registry cleaner found 52 new problems. (note: I tried both user accounts. my normal one, and the generic 'Administrator' account. scanning on both accounts still found the 52 problems) I should probably also add, that I was running no anti-viruses, or PC Monitoring tools that would otherwise effect the outcome of the scan... heres a pic of some of the entries it fould; my guess is that some registries get 'locked up' and can't be messed with, unless you are booted into safe-mode.. PS: I couldn't seem to run Registry Mechanic while in safe-mode.. It just wouldn't load up for some reason. I had to use Eusing Registry Cleaner and thank you DennisD for sharing this. got rid of registries from things I don't even have/use anymore apparently, it's not so rare!
  8. is this a new occurance? were you able to boot up fine before this? or has it always been like this? how long have you had the monitor? if it's fairly old, the backlight could have just died out.. do you have another monitor you can switch with, and test if that one works? one of my monitors died out a few months ago. it would actually stay on for a few seconds.. sometimes it even made it all the way to the desktop, but the monitor would just die and and go blank after a few moments. i had to buy a new one
  9. defraggers, breaking systems? never in my life have I seen that happen all defragmenting does, is fix fragmented files.. it's not dangerous at all and yes, I would say using registry cleaners is a little more for 'advanced' users.. since cleaning out the wrong registry entries can ruin your computer. you should always be reading through the scanned registries and make sure they aren't needed by your system before deleting though, most registry cleaners these days enable you to back up your registry before fixing anything.. so it's really not a problem
  10. that sounds fun, where are you playing this at?
  11. haha.. speculation much ? it's just a simple trojan.. they are making it sound like it's the apocalypse I think they are over-exaggerating just a bit even more sinister purposes?!?! I think the person that wrote this article watches Die Hard 4 too much
  12. strange how all you guys have that directory, and I don't.. I have Windows XP Home SP2 ehh... I guess I could of just deleted it a long time ago and just forgot about doing it actually, I think that's probably what happened.. (I used to browse the entire drive and delete any junk files I came across. OCD ftw!) anyways, that file is non-existant on my PC and everything still works perfectly fine.. so I think it's probably safe.. you can always make a 'backup' folder.. then go ahead and clean it out. if any programs start acting weird, you can always put the files back then maybe after awhile (a few weeks?) if nothing goes wrong, you can then delete the backup folder cause 200mb is a lot! I wouldn't want to be wasting that space if I didn't need to..
  13. I have both hidden folders and system folders showing
  14. hmm.. I don't have that directory. what's in it? the only thing I have is C:\WINDOWS\Downloaded Program Files and that's where all my java/flash browser plugins are installed to.. (removing them will uninstall)
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