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  1. there, i fixed that statement for ya ;-)
  2. a search for Thumbs.db found 60+ MB: it seems the disabling of thumbnail cache is only half the solution, hopefully CCleaner will someday help speed up the process.
  3. i'm usually against major software bloat, but for the sake of usability, small requests like these will hopefully be taken into account by developers.
  4. as with most trial software, those remnants are probably there for a purpose, and may reach beyond the scope of CCleaner. i suggest looking into a type of 'sandbox' type of environment for this... something like VirtualBox might suit your needs.
  5. i second this request (or something similar)
  6. glad to hear it finally worked. i'm looking into a possible solution to hide the command window from popping up..it's not that big of a deal, but can get annoying when you run it several times a day. the fix may have to involve another piece of software, so it might not even be worth it. will report back later...
  7. hmmm..not really sure why it's not working. what version of windows are you on? it works fine over here on all three of my (XP Home) computers. check that the files (CCleaner.exe, Windows XP Recycle.wav) are where they should be. also make sure "sndrec32" is in the system32 folder. if you are seeing a dos window pop up, that's a good sign - does your CCleanerSound.cmd file have a gear icon? has anyone else had success?
  8. haha it's kinda funny, i felt the exact same way as soon as i opened up this thread!
  9. why not just use the "Save to text file..." feature? while we're on the subject though, it might be a good idea to have another button/context menu item that calls the "Click here for support information." function for each individual entry (like the one found in most uninstaller entries for Add/Remove Programs.
  10. here's a simple workaround for now until the feature is (hopefully) added assuming you are using XP and know your way around the windows registry.. paste the following code into notepad and save as CCleanerSound.cmd @ ECHO OFFstart "C:\Program Files\CCleaner" CCleaner.exe /AUTOsndrec32 /embedding /play /close "C:\Windows\Media\Windows XP Recycle.wav"cls now drop that file in the root of your C drive then go to Start>Run and type regedit, hit enter hit Ctrl+F and search for {645FF040-5081-101B-9F08-00AA002F954E} expand that folder (on the left-hand side) and n
  11. just think of all the thousands of collective man hours this could save your users, Mr. Cleaner
  12. thanks that's a good suggestion. i just checked there and found almost 200MB of junk files. hey if you're trying to free up more space, try WinDirStat http://windirstat.info/ it is very good for this (and open source too)
  13. i understand. will you possibly consider adding it to winsys.ini as an LangSecRef = 3004?
  14. hi. i ask because i looked in there and there was over 200 MB of files like macromedia flash 8, diskkeeper setup, microsoft virtual desktop powertoy a folder called something like {09871234-123498761234-123498761234} etc. etc. (i can't remember them all) so i went ahead and deleted them as i have backup copies of all those programs. all those programs still work fine. i suppose they are copied there in case the installation becomes corrupt? p.s. using windows XP home SP2
  15. that is the question..could/should it be added as a location to check mark & clean. thoughts?
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