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  1. There is an option in Advanced tab: Show prompt to backup registry issues. How about a new one: Show prompt (for) Fix all selected Issues?... which I wish to uncheck.
  2. ...and the same for Registry section, pls!!!
  3. When I install CCleaner (or other programs), I have a default button for each phase of installing proces - OK, NEXT, I AGREE... ...so, I don't need to use the touchpad (mouse), just ENTER key. Could be possible to do this for CCleaner itself? I mean, when open the application, the default button would be Analyze and after analyze - Run Cleaner. P.S.: I must agree that only the laziest need such a feature!
  4. Do you mean... - this? I hope it will help you to fix the issue!
  5. Recuva has worked very well for me till this last version, 1.09. I've experienced the same problem as XhmikosR. Please, take a look below...
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