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  1. Works for me here. Some facts, AFAICT: 1. this issue wasn't present up until March (can't recall the exact Firefox version since it's been so many months) 2. Chromium-based browsers do not have this issue 3. Firefox's own option to delete data on exit, or manually deleting the data, does NOT break Service Workers for me So, from the looks of it, it does seem something CCleaner is doing is wrong, and as much as I've tried to escalate this in the past, doesn't seem to get the proper attention.
  2. I don't think you understand the issue. Clearing cookies, should NOT break SW.
  3. I reported this to support back on March 2020, and I was quite disappointed to see the issue being dismissed. Now, it's almost December, and the issue is still present. Using the latest CCleaner version (5.74.8198 at the time of writing) along with the latest Firefox (83.0), and the following options, ALL the registered service workers become invalid after running CCleaner; the next time one visits a site which had registered a SW, the page will be blank. After a couple of reloads and/or waiting for a while, the SW will be re-registered and everything will work until the next time one runs CCleaner. This is easily reproducible on Twitter or Gmail sites which register a service worker. The workaround is to uncheck cookies cleaning or disable service workers in Firefox dom.serviceWorkers.enabled Now, this is 100% reproducible on at least 8 machines with the same settings, so it's definitely a bug in CCleaner. It'd be nice if CCleaner finally fixed the issue. I attached a video demonstrating the issue. 2020-11-30_09-24-04.mp4
  4. Hi. Thanks for your time you've put into this but there is still some more tweaking to do.
  5. As the title says... A lot of strings are truncated in the Greek translation and a few are not translatable. See the images:
  6. Create a batch file and use the following: @ECHO OFF REM Detect the path of CCleaner SET "U_=HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall" SET "A_=CCleaner" SET "M_=CCleaner IS NOT INSTALLED!!!" FOR /f "delims=" %%a IN ( 'REG QUERY "%U_%\%A_%" /v "UninstallString"2^>Nul^|FIND "REG_"') DO ( SET "CCleanerPath=%%a"&Call :Sub %%CCleanerPath:*Z=%%) IF DEFINED CCleanerPath (%CCleanerPath% /S&&( ECHO.&&ECHO:Uninstalling CCleaner...)) ELSE (ECHO:%M_%) ECHO.&&PAUSE :Sub SET CCleanerPath=%* The above will detect the installation path of CCleaner and run uninstall silently, so everything will be removed as usual. Although I don't see why someone would like to uninstall CCleaner. It should be uninstallable.
  7. I'm having a similar problem. Using Deep Scan Recuva scans till 23% and then nothing. I read about people having success with Deep Scan when Recuva was running for 24 hours. But the partition I'm scanning is 45GB only. I suppose I could leave it running over night to see what will happen. Attached is the log. I hope someone of the developers could do something or at least give us some explanation of what might be causing this. EDIT: After a couple of hours, it finished. Though if you see in the log there is a huge space in processing time. What is causing this? Recuva_log_1_23_389__9_2_2009_1_20_.zip Recuva_log_1_23_389__9_2_2009_1_20_.zip
  8. I had posted the following in another topic, but probably no one saw them. Anyway, here are some suggestions and bug reports:
  9. Thanks for the new version! Also, I have a question to make. Shouldn't these strings be translated by default based on the language used? If the user enters a custom name then that should be used. But by default it should be translated in the chosen language. Also, maybe the default minimum size for the large files should be lowered, something like 100MB may be better, but I don't know about it for sure. Again, thanks for the new version. EDIT: The columns of categories and file types cannot be resized. And maybe you should add by default .ts files in movie files category.
  10. If you mean translate it into Greek translation, I've already done it. Just wait for the next version. I'll definitely need to do some corrections, but I have to see Defraggler in action in order to do it. PS. If you'd like to discuss anything about Piriform's products Greek translations, please contact me via pm to talk about it.
  11. Ok, since today I can translate Defraggler into Greek. What about this? And a little off topic. MrG, can you send me your email?
  12. Thank you, MrG. I hope my suggestion is implemented someday.
  13. Hello, everyone. I see that by version 1.03.093 it is possible to have Defraggler translated into other languages. But my question is where can someone translate it? With Recuva and CCleaner there is a webpage, Piriform Translator, where I can translate it into Greek. And another thing is, that it would really nice if based on the language used, to show in the About page the name of the translator. This has to do also with Recuva and CCleaner. Thanks!
  14. Many thanks, everything is working perfect now.
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