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  1. GParted is the best partitioner I've ever worked with
  2. zaphirer

    So Cold Outside

    You could probably get a pretty mean overclock in those temperature
  3. Transformation packs like this are for 'newbies' who don't really know or care to customize their own PCs. Personally, doing everything manually with a Visual Style or IP is much easier, not to mention safer. Anything that modifies that many critical system files is pretty dangerous.
  4. G-Mail and Thunderbird, along with GSpace Firefox extension to allow it to serve as a removable disk/hard drive.
  5. 1984, by George Orwell (I think) A very interesting book.
  6. SilentPCReview.com has a good number of articles pertaining to that kind of performance v. noise stuff. I don't quite remember but the Barracudas are very well like on that site. I myself have an older IDE WD drive that runs on ball bearings - the constant whine is the loudest part of my computer.
  7. zaphirer


    How about sleeping so you can save up for all those Black Friday specials?
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