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  1. Not exactly the best computer game,but it`s a bit of fun if your`e bored !! http://www.carolgeescandles.com/games/darts_game/index.php
  2. Thanks for the feedback guys, I think I will have a go at Audacity ,Tom, it will have to be a project to learn as I go along ! I think I need a newbie course in music jargon !! Cheers I`ll update when I have my own cd done !!
  3. Hi Acooldozen Thanks for the link,I did try the download from there,the problem still seems to exist ! my computer has download it,but it hasn`t installed,i do`nt know wether I would be able to delete it (if I could find the thing!) and then try again,the ref for the download is Kb947320... Fluff
  4. Hi Does anyone know of any free software for mixing music tracks etc ? I would like to make my own cd(personal use) of favourite tracks that i can blend in with each other and have no pauses etc
  5. My Windows update was going through its usual updating process when I received an error message saying this security update could not be updated "Security Update for Microsoft Office XP Web Components (KB947320)" Should I be worried,has anyone else had this? what do i do now ! Any help or comments appreciated !! Thats about 8 times now i`ve tried it,I have the little yellow shield,telling me I have updates then express installation,then it says "failed" 26 failures ! error code 0x80070663, it says its downloaded,but hasn`t finalised !tried microsoft website,(phew what a ni
  6. That Avast Siren freaks me out,and then it tells you...Don`t panic ! its too late the cat is up the curtains and i`m posting in spyware hell !!!!!
  7. Way Hey ! Its worked ! thanks Icedrake and Glenn or should I say thanks to the "Pear" of you ! Sorted put the thread to bed !
  8. Hi not related to any nasty software ! I now have a Piriform Folder on my desktop..i wanted to customise it abit with regard the folder icon,and I didn`t want any of those boring microsoft ones..and i thought it would be great to have a pear icon, (if i saved one as a jpeg)can anyone help in telling me how i can get that image into the option when i go to customise the folder ?? Fluff
  9. Roger that ! Thanks again Rorschach
  10. Hi Following Rorschach`s safer surfing advice and now up to SysRestore Point,which i`ve downloaded to its own file,(icon of swiss army knife) and ran it making a restore point.How do I use this utility ? in so far as do i regulary run it or just leave it until I need it or advised to run it ! Also I have Avast,which has VRDB ,Virus recovery data base, is this the same thing? or am I safer having the two ? Advice as always is appreciated Fluff
  11. Fluffy

    MVPS hosts file

    Andavari You`ve just made me realise I need to ask another question!,when updates become availiable.(is it Abu who always find then!) do i need to download the file again as per installing it for the first time or is there just an "update"file ? if you see what i mean !! Fluff
  12. Fluffy

    MVPS hosts file

    Done ! I`m sorted on the hosts file thing, brill thanks for the support,now its down to some more studying ,i`m enjoying this !
  13. Fluffy

    MVPS hosts file

    Right ! Done that ! is there a place i can checked its installed working ok ??? Thanks to all for the quick reply
  14. Hi Recently posted in spyware hell,and Rorschach sorted me out,and has given good advice on better protection for my computer which i`m working through,got to MVPS host file..and link http://mvps.org/winhelp2002/hosts.htm and the page seemed a little unclear in what i should be downloading and applying to my computer,I did`nt want to start downloading and not be sure what changes i`m making to the computer,`im not afraid to say sometimes i`m confused,fluff by name fluff by nature if anyone could give me a step by step for the host file thingy I would again be grateful Fluff
  15. Hazelnut !! I`ve had a "you haven`t scanned in 5 days"message ! and yes i think your correct Sherlockhazelnut I scanned and then ran CCleaner and the defender log was cleared to a date of 10/7/09 of last scan,not today of 16/7/09. I wonder wether its best to leave it un checked in CCleaner or just live with the annoying error message? Fluff :
  16. Hazelnut To my utter embarassment I`ve logged on again and the Defender message has stopped !and it has logged my last scan.It was saying you haven`t scanned for three days even though I had.I`ll wait and see if it does`nt log when i scan and after three days it might message me again,But for the moment i think its behaving itself,I do appreciate your reply hazelnut
  17. Hi Guys I`m getting a message on my windows defender to say I haven`t scanned in "somemany"days.(I have it set to scan daily) ,when I react to the message and scan,nothing is found,but when i log back on again its says I havent scanned in somany days again !! I`ve looked at the website but cant` find anything that relates to defender amnesia,have windows XP and my version of defender is 1.61.1497.0 any help will appreciated !! Fluff
  18. Hazelnut ! It`s worked ,job done ! Many thanks for your assistance Fluff Thread Complete
  19. Hi Hazelnut many thanks for a quick responce I`m going to study this the thread you suggested,will i need to move the stuff out of the sent folder I want to keep before i delete it ? F
  20. Hi Guys I wonder if anyone can give advice on this,I`m unable to delete an email in my sent folder,using Outlook Express 6,it has an attachment a pps(3.85kb)that may now be corrupted in that it wo`nt open.I`m getting error messages of "cannot delete email and "there`s not enough memory"I have emails in my sent folder i want to keep but get rid of this one.I`ve checked CCleaner for any registery issues and non are reported.I`ve googled this problem and there`s a few replies to download Regcure but i`m dubious about doing this.I would appreciate any sound honest and safe ideas Many Thanks Fl
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