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  1. Fluffy

    Hey Hazelnut

    Wow Corona, That place look beautiful, Edwardian villa ? Looks like they have kept all the original features of the property.
  2. music cassette`s ! you could rewind the cassette turn it over and rewind again and still not find the track you where looking for ! ahhh ..memories...!
  3. Thank you Lulu, login123 ,Winapp2.ini for your kind words and to Kas for starting the thread, and Lulu you have a similar coloured cat !! Thanks again
  4. I lost my Fluffy this January,I had her from a kitten for 17 years,i miss her every day
  5. Thanks for the tip off Hazelnut Sligthly off topic I once started to register a facebook account,from my ipad, not my main computer,even before I had completed it "Facebook" suggest a few people I might like as friends,the thing was I new all of them,even as far away as Australia and Japan, I can only think it had cross referenced email addresses from my main computer and then matched with facebook accounts. Needless to say I`m not on facebook ! I only like the safety of Piriform !!! Fluffy
  6. Hi Thought some of you might like this,especially if your into Pimping your rides ! (hope i got that right!!) Fluff http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pKuXyeAGzEU&sns=em
  7. Ohh !! I was hoping for double chocolate chip !!!
  8. Moth`s don`t have balls, but they sell em ! Oh sugar I might get "moderated"
  9. Warlock, Eee by gum! Glad your getting to understand my Yorkshire sense of humour, Thought I `d reach down into that quiver again and quote you some Byron The Devil hath not,in all his quiver`s choice, An arrow for the heart,like a sweet voice .
  10. Hi Warlock ! Now you have that speed of download...you gonna have to get that brain of yours moving faster to catch up with the computer lol
  11. I have 82 ! Does that make me more useless ! 82 things you should know and forget immediately...except item 21...I bet you will go straight to that one
  12. Have a look at this link.... smallest to largest From the smallest known objects to the largest Fluff
  13. I think what Warlock is asking, and I too could do with a simple explanation What is this threat (Plug and play), Is there something that can assess if he is at risk,and what to do if he is and would a regular virus check pick up anything if he already has been at risk If anyone can explain in laymen`s terms it would be most appreciated !!
  14. Don`t know if you have seen this yet,but I thought it was pretty good, It`s a final project by a highschool student, http://marcbrecy.perso.neuf.fr/history.html
  15. Same as this person !!! http://www.thedrum.com/news/2012/12/11/iphone-thief-unwittingly-emails-their-mug-shot-owner
  16. Fluffy

    Smile !

    Wife texts husband on a cold winters morning: "Windows frozen." Husband texts back: "Splash on some lukewarm water." Wife texts back: "computer completely buggered now."
  17. Fluffy

    Poor Bambi !

    Saw this in a garden centre and it made me smile They were getting a Christmas display ready..
  18. Hello ! sorry for the delay in replying to all who replied to me ! I did find a template on the microsoft site but it was a bit limited,I liked the look of the one found by Nodles,and Dennis I tried the one you found but my computer seemed to freeze when I tried it.so I uninstalled it.However !! I was getting my cd list together and was using CDBurnerXP...well on the tool bar at the top I found a little printer icon that saidwhen clicked on "Print a cover" !!!!!Sorry if this sounds as if I hadn`t tried to find a way of printing before asking for help,but cdburner xp diidn`t really let you kn
  19. Hello Peeps I`m Wondering if any one can help by recommending some simple CD cover maker software. I`m wanting to create my own cd cover for a standard plastic cd case,not for the actual cd. I`ve googled it and am a bit overwhelmed by the different software on offer and not sure to download any as some look a bit dodgy !and I couldn`t find anything in freeware rebooted..So if any one has used some software and likes it I would welcome your opinion and comments or if you have managed to manipulate your printer to print the size (12cm X 12cm) that would be helpful too. I`m running on XP and
  20. Fluffy

    Robot fun

    Wooohoo Nice one Hazelnut !!! And also if you use your mouse the robot moves around the screen
  21. Tom Thankyou for finding this one,I had it on my computer a while ago and then lost it (Doh!) Now I`ve got it back !! very good at making photo`s that much better Cheers!
  22. Alert over possible IE browser flaw An IT watchdog has warned against using Microsoft's Internet Explorer web browser because of a possible security flaw. The German government agency overseeing IT safety said people should use other browsers until the problem is fixed. The Federal Office for Information Security said the browser's "weak point is already being used for targeted attacks." It warns the code to attack computers running on Windows XP or Windows 7 operating systems through the browser is freely available online and might therefore spread rapidly. The agency says users of in
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