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  2. You people really take us for idiots. That screenshot that you have is nowhere to be found. THIS is what we see: That whole bottom part of your screenshot is completely absent. If I click on "Customize", I get the following two screens, neither of which mention Chrome anywhere: Oh, but you want to make us believe it's OUR fault, that we just kept clicking on "Next" without reading. At least have the decency of OWNING up to your dawn practices. This was the last time you violate me and my PC.
  3. I found it!!! Thanks a lot! Something should have change the workspace directory. The only thing I did was using CCleaner service to "update". I didn't use OR for a week, and nothing was suppose to have change. I just don't understand what happened. OpenRefine Workspace is at: C:\Users\(user id)\AppData\Roaming\OpenRefine BUT All my projects are at: C:\Users\(user id)\AppData\Local\OpenRefine I try copy 2 projects in ROAMING, and it works. I'll looking how I can change the Directory, And backup my projects, too. Many thanks, Luc
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  5. OK running the Registry Cleaner may have lost some kind of link to the workspace directories. As you made a backup then you should be able to try restoring the deleted registry entries. But first I would check if the data is still there. The OpenRefine backup page gives a list of the directories where that data may be depending on your Windows version. https://github.com/OpenRefine/OpenRefine/wiki/Back-Up-OpenRefine-Data If the data is still somewhere in one of those directories then try restoring your registry backup. Simply find the .reg file (usually in your documents folder), right click on it, and select 'Merge' to restore the entries. https://www.ccleaner.com/ccleaner/faq/using/how-do-i-restore-registry-backups Let us know how it goes.
  6. I use the Health Check, for the first time. I never had a problem with CCleaner, so I use it. And I run the Registry Cleaner. I save the "registry file" before. Luc
  7. My mistake, I was led astray by your report of CCleaner updating apps, and going on the OpenRefine update pages which say you should always backup your workspace before updating. I'm already talking to the person who raised the issue on github about this. They were going on your post on Google Groups. As far as I can see you are the only person reporting this issue, if CCleaner was removing the OpenRefine workspace then I would expect to see more reports of it. (Of course someone has to be first to notice something). AFAIK CCleaner does not touch anything OpenRefine by default. Can you confirm whether you used Health Check or Custom Clean in CCleaner? Did you also run the Registry Cleaner?
  8. hi fans, i mean healt check should be refreshed especially the last two points for the pro-version pic 1: overview pic 2: pic 3:
  9. Are you trying to update by checking for updates from within CCleaner itself? Try downloading the 'Slim' installer from here and double clicking on the downloaded 'ccsetup567_slim.exe' https://www.piriform.com/ccleaner/builds
  10. It's not true that OpenRefine removes workspaces as part of the update process. Regular backups and backing up before software upgrades are both good and recommended practices, but it doesn't have anything to do with the update process intentionally removing data. Nowhere in our docs does it say "Updating OpenRefine will always remove your workspace," so please don't make stuff up. Tom Morris OpenRefine core contributor
  11. @Lgauvreau Are you sure that CCleaner updated your OpenRefine? The guy on github seems to think that is not possible.
  12. I believe he used Health Check not Software updater, but the choice is still already there, see my post above.
  13. perhaps an suggestion for one in the future ps: sorry nukecad, you was faster :-)
  14. I assume that you were using Health Check? It does give you the option not to update apps, but it's not very intuitive. (Again this has been pointed out to the staff). When Health Check shows '# apps to update' under 'Security' then clicking on it will show a list of the apps found to update. You can then untick those apps if you don't want them to be updated. (PS. clicking on any of the 4 boxes at the bottom of Health Check will show more details of what it has found in that category). To avoid this problem in future the I suggest that you use Custom Clean rather than Health Check. Custom Clean will not update any apps. (There is a seperate 'Software updater' tool that does that). To set Custom Clean as the default method used in CCleaner go to Options>Settings and change 'CCleaner Home Screen' to Custom Clean.
  15. I wrote to Open Refine, and they add this post about the problem I had updating with CCleaner. https://github.com/OpenRefine/OpenRefine/issues/2681 It was the first time I used CCleaner for updating applications... It said that there was 3-4 applications for updating, BUT CCleaner didn't show wich ones. I'm not used to do it, so I haven't really think really about some problems. You should display wich applications Before updating, and User should have the possibility to choice wich ones he like to update. In that way, I won't have update Open Refine, because I knew it's a little tricky to do it. So, tell your User wich applications will be update and let him choice it. Merci, Luc
  16. I upgraded to W10 and sometime after that I could no and cannot update CC. Same Blank Screen after the Install button hit. I use Webroot and Malwarebytes, but disabled both several times and nothing. previous upgrades worked well even with both on. W10 Pro, V: 1909; OS Build:18363.836 Core i5-3330 w/8GB RAM. Any thoughts? I don't know what to do, especially now that I uninstall the V 5.65 that was on there. I'll take that one back. It worked. I just cannot update!
  17. @SpudMcFeebie You have answered a nine year old thread, Windows and CCleaner have both changed a lot since then. Please check the date on the last post of a thread before replying.
  18. It is the Open Refine update itself that has removed your Workspace, (not CCleaner). Updating Open Refine may remove your workspace, and the official update page warns you to backup your Workspace before updating Open Refine. It's a good idea to back it up regularly, even if you are not updating. https://openrefine.org/download.html https://github.com/OpenRefine/OpenRefine/wiki/Back-Up-OpenRefine-Data I understand your concern though that by automatically updating through CCleaner you didn't know about that warning and didn't get the chance to make a backup. The issue has been flagged up to the staff. I'm not sure if you can now get that workspace back, but suggest that OpenRefine's user community or 'Contact Us' is the place to ask for help from those more familiar with it: https://openrefine.org/community.html
  19. Just to add that you need to always use Custom Clean if you want to keep some cookies like that. If you run Health Check then it will use it's own set rules, ignore your Custom rules, and clear the cookies anyway. (Which can be useful if you want to clear those particular cookies only now and again).
  20. Problem solved! That was very helpfull, thanks a lot hazelnut!
  21. Hi! Could you help us to uninstall properly our browser please? thank you
  22. There's a lot of CCleaner paranoia here. Without exaggeration, over the many years I have known about, installed and run CCleaner, I have run CCleaner at least 10,000 times, the registry cleaner probably 3,000 times. In fact, I have a Windows scheduled task that runs CCleaner every hour (after 10 minutes of no activity) on my main workstation. I have every setting checked on both tabs, Windows & Applications, with the exception of Wipe Free Space. I have never had a problem on my workstation or any of my clients. Additionally, of the thousands of times I've run the Registry Cleaner in CCleaner only once did I have a problem. After I ran it, Windows (ME, I believe) would no longer run. BUT, I knew before I ran the registry cleaner the OS had serious registry issues so it came as no surprise when Windows would not start. In my opinion, backing up your registry each time before running the CCleaner registry cleaner is a waste of time and space. CCleaner is an excellent, extraordinarily safe and efficient utility way of cleaning up a computer.
  23. In the custom cleaning area, checking the "NVIDIA Install Files" box (under the Programs tab) isn't taking any effect. It does not find the install files inside the folder X:\ProgramData\NVIDIA Corporation\Downloader\xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. When running the drive analisys tool it can find the NVIDIA install folder.
  24. I wish Excellent would be replaced with something else more descriptive, such as Not Overwritten, or Maybe, or perhaps Perhaps? It means that the file is not at this moment overwritten by another live file, not that the data is in any way valid or even useful. In Recuva Advanced mode have a look at the Header. This might tell you whether the data is in OO format (I don't know what that is, Google it). If it isn't then what you're recovering isn't an OO document. The data might have been overwritten by another file which has itself been deleted, or you're looking in the wrong place (cluster addresses invalid).
  25. After you have used CCleaner open the sites which have the cookies you want to keep. Then open CCleaner go to Options...Cookies. In the left-hand column highlight a cookie and click the arrow in the middle to send it over to the Cookies to Keep list on the right.
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