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Firefox 1.0.3 Final Released

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Then explain, Tarun, I'd like to have one that loaded that fast without using a preloader.




Maybe it's cause I've been using Firefox 1.0.4. I just switched to 1.0+ (the future 1.1) and both have been loading in under 2 seconds. Even on my old machine they did. Maybe it was some tweaks?

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Firefox 1.0.4? Are you talking about the trunk build for it or what?




For the next 1.0.x builds you have to look in this directory. It's the 1.0.4 beta.


Now, as for the 1.0+ (aka 1.1 beta), you'd have to look in this directory.



  1. Run Firefox and type 'about:config' in the location bar.

  2. Right-click on the main content area.

    1. Select New


    2. Select Integer


[*]Enter the preference name 'browser.sessionhistory.max_viewers' and click OK.

[*]Enter '5' and click OK.

[*]Restart Firefox.



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Main one getting all the talk is about how the Back and Forward buttons have a faster pageload time.

ok... hope it will be release soon...


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