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  1. In the Add/Remove programs window it would be great if you could change some entries to act as updates. In Sp2 you can toggle showing update on and off. Keep Up the good work!
  2. Sorry I didn't make it clear enough All my programs are listed and they are all checked. But when I press clean nothing comes up. I guess theres just nothing to clean. Thanks
  3. Hi everyone, The thing Im wondering about is why on my computer CCleaner never finds anything to clean under the applications tab. Im wondering if something's not right. Its been like this ever since I first started using it, but I just now got around to asking. Any help would be great Thanks
  4. nod32

    Movie Editor

    Does anyone know off a program that would allow me to remove the unwanted "hiss" from some of my movies (avi)? Thanks
  5. You think thats bad? http://worcester.typepad.com/pc4media/imag...olbar400gif.gif
  6. nod32


    Im pretty sure you can make a MSN Messenger account with any email. I remember testing it out with my gmail about. The only disadvantage is that you can't see if you have any new emails when you sign in. Corrrect me if im wrong but I do remember my gmail account working on msn.
  7. It's not just any company we're talking about here though. It's evil Microsoft ( ) In this case its about people stealing from the company. Microsoft has every right to try and stop them.
  8. I bet M$ is already working on a patch...
  9. nod32


    Screenshots anyone? http://forum.mess.be/index.php?showtopic=10365
  10. err.... They didnt do a very good job... I've read you can bypass WGA by changing 1 value in the registry, installing a script (via greasemonkey or trixie), or a surprisingly simple way in IE itself. Im obviously not going to say how becuase I don't support piracy and I'de get in trouble with the moderating team , but it just goes to show.
  11. Vista? Im not sure I like that. Fully integrated DRM, that's just what we needed Microsoft! You can read the full story here. Windows Vista Homepage.
  12. Does anyone watch thebroken? Same people, but different show. I like systm but I think thebroken is better. http://www.thebroken.org
  13. nod32

    XP home edition

    Yes, please. It's the first time I've heard of this and I'm interested.
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