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Product version numbers not shown for all products


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G'day Folks,

When are you going to show the version numbers for all your products ?

Like the CCleaner Browser for example, I never know if the download is a new version or not.

It should be obvious to the Sales and Marketing department that users / your customers, obviously want to know which version they are downloading of any product.

This is to guard any errors of installing an older version and clearly showing a newer version than the one installed on the customers workstation /PC.

(PC used to stand for Personal Computer which is a bit outdated in view of current IT technology, I think )

I trust this message with regard to the showing of version numbers is clear.

Roger Hass / PC-Bug Fixer now in Tanilba Bay NSW 2319 Australia


Edited by pcbugfixer

If you object to my “Candour”, read another post !


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2 hours ago, hazelnut said:

Just downloaded it from CCleaner website. It shows the version on the setup.exe


Screenshot 2023-02-17 053740.jpg

G'day hazelnut,

So what, you are being a smarty pants?

Whereas you needed to download the setup file first, then right mouse click on properties to get the image and other details from it. 

I think you missed the point!!! 

So when you download CCleaner does it say which version you are downloading?

I think not:

Llook at the document which is the image of the CCleaner download page and it's header!!!

Just under “CCleaner ” it could say “Latest version is v6.09.10300 (Dated 14 Feb 2023)

Currently it does not and you need to download the file etc. etc. Or you on a whitch hunt to find the information you need.

 Do you get it now ??

Roger Hass / PC-Bug Fixer now in Tanilba Bay NSW 2319 Australia



CCleaner download header.doc

Edited by pcbugfixer

If you object to my “Candour”, read another post !


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  • Moderators

No need to get offensive when I'm just trying to help okay?

See here


EDIT... by the way, did you not scroll down to the bottom of the page (the one you showed a doc for)


Support contact





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For "Hazelnut"

- And anyone else that cares to read this post.

Being a "Smarty Pants" is a light hearted gesture and there is nothing offensive in this gesture nor is any offensiveness intended. I suggest you might have misunderstood the use of the term, unless you are one what I'm being offencive again, then bully for you LOL.

And you don’t know it all as you missed the point of my original topic post.

Further links only goes to show what the customer does not have imitate access to or is obvious when looking for a system cleaner products available on the Piriform Software site such as CCleaner first called Crap Cleaner which was not acceptable in the USA as Crap is a very offensive term, so it was renamed CCleaner, then after some time as it became very popular it got its own website now www.ccleaner.com which has become the Piriform flagship as the most popular in their product range.

With 65+ years’ workforce experience and 44+ years in IT and first used Crap Cleaner back in 2004 I think I know when a Moderator is responding with information that only an experienced / advanced [Piriform] CCleaner used would be aware of or would recognise. This is not what my post was about and I did not need the information “Hazelnut” posted, as my post refered to the missing information on the first product page. - https://www.googleadservices.com/pagead/aclk?sa=L&ai=DChcSEwj7h9Lropz9AhW210wCHYnuB7oYABADGgJ0bQ&ohost=www.google.com.au&cid=CAASJORozA_GLoB2i2EerNwimbe5JzmHW0bUUDBE7w-QONGncVRgzQ&sig=AOD64_314bZJ7vzoKLUECO08cLX_-LSCAA&adurl&ved=2ahUKEwjZ2svropz9AhVgl1YBHXjxDgAQqyQoAHoECAkQBQ. So


The world's most popular PC cleaner

It protects your privacy and makes your computer faster and more secure


Nice to know but what is the version number ?

Interesting is that the support contact is still going via a “piriform.com” link.

Unfortunately when I am accused of something that is aggressive in its response and tacking it out of context of my original post I get my nose out of joint and feel compelled to reply and set the records straight.

So, did anyone in the Piriform company Sales and Marketing department review or reply to my original post? - None so far!  “No” is the answer to that.

So it seems that my post is a lost cause and we might never see a better i.e. more informative product page.  

Kindly no more superfluous information – Thanks


Roger Hass / PC-Bug Fixer now in Tanilba Bay NSW 2319 Australia

Edited by pcbugfixer

If you object to my “Candour”, read another post !


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  • Moderators

Whilst your original post does raise a valid point; your later responses are unwarranted.

We are aware that our Australian members can have a relaxed attitude to language use, and we are generally tolerant of that.
But just because you yourself regard something as 'light hearted' does not mean that it will not offend others, especially those in other countries or cultures.

A re-reading of the Bene Dictum Benedictum! may be useful here, followed by a reading of section 4 of the CCleaner forum Guidelines which can be found on the menu bar.
Both say the same basic thing - you are welcome, but be careful not to offend others or you may no longer be welcome.

Back to your original post:
The installers available on the official download pages are always the latest version, so there is no need to guard against downloading an older version by mistake.
At worst you might just reinstall the current version over the current version.
(Unless you are downloading from a non-official site, and what any such site shows on their pages is not in Piriforms' control)

In addition the name of each of the main Piriform product installers clearly shows the version number it will install before you download it or use it to install the product.
So even a previously downloaded installer will show you which version it will install.
The current versions are: ccsetup609.exe, dfsetup222.exe, rcsetup153.exe, spsetup132.exe - and you can see that both before and after you download/save one of them.
Edge download:
My Firefox asks me before downloading:

Admittedly at this time that is not the case for the CCleaner Browser, or Kamo installers which don't show the version numbers in the installer name but will always give you the latest version.
Kamo does show the major version number on the webpage, currently  Kamo 4

*** Out of Beer Error ->->-> Recovering Memory ***

Worried about 'Tracking Files'? Worried about why some files come back after cleaning? See this link:


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G'day nukecad,

I am reminded of "forbearance" (patient self-control; restraint and tolerance) which few people have and most jump the gun just to get brownie points making a post without understanding or addressing the original post correctly and subsequently posting superfluous information.

I don’t use Edge nor does my Firefox (currently v110.0 or any previous version) show the information you posted in your image.

Then all this is dependent on how you setup and configure your Application Software and Utilities on your workstation.

Noticeably on this link “ https://www.ccleaner.com/homepage-modular ” for CCleaner no version numbers are shown for any of the CCleaner modules, for that matter few if any version numbers are shown on any of the original loaded webpages for any of the Piriform Software Modules which I would have thought to be a prerequisite for any Utility Tool, then again this matter of version numbers is missing from the majority of Application Software Publishers modules. Some lead others follow.

Posting on a Forum, whereas a Forum I thought to be a meeting or medium where ideas and views on a particular issue can be exchanged and debated whilst keeping an open mind, which most do not have nore the ability to do so. With this in mind getting ones knickers in a knot over any content negates what a forum is all about.

OK so the issue of version numbers showing on original Piriform Software Modules pages is possibly in the “Too Hard Basket” to do, or we still follow and don’t lead in addressing this issue. NB: when you go shopping do you look for the “Expiry date” or “Best before date” of the product you intend to purchase which I would have thought essential information before you make your final selection, this falls into the same category of Product Version Numbers I would have thought without needing to go on a witch hunt to find the information. The question remains, “Am I purchasing or downloading the latest version or not or has it expired?”

Enough said, obviously the Piriform Sales and Marketing department are more interested in marketing hype because they think it is more attractive to potential Customers rather than relating essential information of their tools. This reminds me of a saying by Lord Macaulay who said, “It is not by his own taste but by the taste of the fish that the angler determines his bait” and I'm not here to teach the Piriform Sales and Marketing department them how to suck eggs.

End of rave, however my candour not yours. Here I go again thinking I’m still lecturing on Sales and Marketing onc upon a time

Roger Hass / PC-Bug Fixer now in Tanilba Bay NSW 2319 Australia

If you object to my “Candour”, read another post !


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