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Duplicate File Finder - File Preview option requested

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The duplicate File finder seems a great tool.

One request

When I see the list of files duplicated, or triplicated or quadriplated or even quintiplated ....you get my drift!!??

...would be nice to be able to click/double click to get a file preview or open ...to help decide which location is the one I will want to keep ..and then I can mark the others for deletion. 

Filenames like IMG0001 IMG 0002 don't help much! 


Thanks Team!

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The closest at the moment is if you right click on one of the files found and select 'Open Containing folder'.

That will open the folder with the selected file already highlighted for you to open in the viewer of your choice for that filetype.

Note that each one you 'Open containing folder' for will open a new File Explorer window, so if you do a lot you will have a lot of FE windows to close again.

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Worried about 'Tracking Files'? Worried about why some files come back after cleaning? See this link:


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I Agree with Paul U, especially for duplicated Pictures, it would be good to select the file and Duplicate finder show a preview of the photo/picture, similar to windows functionality, there is enough room in the UI to show this on the right side of the results.

The Preview should be shown when clicking on the name, then user can select if to be deleted later in the process.


This would be fantastic functionality and extremally helpful.

Thanks for your consideration.


Kind Regards


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I always thought it would've helped if they showed the file checksum/hash such as MD5, or what's recommended nowadays SHA-256 since it's more secure and has less of a chance of a false positive. Then there'd be no guessing if it's actually a duplicate which could be also seen as a safety precaution, and it wouldn't be a "trust what the program thinks is identical".

They've stated years ago they do a checksum/hash, but it's no benefit to the user without it being clearly shown which is also why I've never trusted using it, or any dup finder for that manner.

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