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Update Feature Still Tries Downgrade 64bit Apps to 32bit Ones


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Since the Update feature was added:

1) it would falsely claim updates were required, when 32bit had updates that were not released on 64bit

2) it attempts to downgrade 64bit apps to 32bit ones

I show a screenshot of Irfanview 64 being incorrectly re-installed with a 32bit version.  At times the 32 & 64 bit versions of apps should co-exist, plugins often weren't ported to 64bits, but 32bit is inherently less secure than 64 due to address space limitations so favouring Win32 is a deviant habit.

I was amazed that search did not turn up previous reports of this, but perhaps it's swamped.


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I had similar with Irfanview last December - On further investigation Windows showed that I had both 32-bit and 64-bit versions installed, but at different versions.

I simply uninstalled the 32-bit version and that solved it, because the 32-bit Irfan view is no longer installed CCleaner doesn't try to update it.



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Worried about 'Tracking Files'? Worried about why some files come back after cleaning? See this link:


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Let's be clear I DID NOT have irfanview 32bit installed and it's NOT the only app I've noticed this on, despite the limited selection.  It's just that I could make a screenshot on a fairly fresh W10 install which exhibits the issue.

On some machines I actually installed 32bit by accident, having both irfanviews, other times I gave in and uninstalled 64bit to avoid reoccurence.  On my parents office PC I installed 32bit to avoid this issue, which in my experience is totally reproducible, I simply install W10, remove IE and install some "essential" apps, including CCleaner & irfanview.

This has happened to me on clean W10 installs multiple times, it was present on a recent install on a different machine, which unfortunately expired on Sunday, which meant I moved and ran the update advisor on a desktop.

I don't think I've had it happen with 7zip though, which I can install via 64bit MSI, whereas ifranview provides a self extracting .exe and a SHA256 sum to check.

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Same here.  Had 64 installed, no sign in registry of 32.  CC installed 32.

Uninstalling IV32 caused some registry links to get trashed, so I had to uninstall IV64 older version.

Then reinstall IV latest version.

Not useful.

Should I trust CC to update 4 drivers?

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Please note that, per the developers of IrfanView, the 32-bit version is recommended for most users:


The only advantages relate to immensely large images that most users will not be dealing with (even an 8K BMP photo would only be about 35MB, and even 32-bit IrfanView can open files that are well over a GB), while the 32-bit version is smaller, more compatible, has more features (command-line options, specifically) and has more plugins that work for it.

Just food for thought.

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