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  1. Let's be clear I DID NOT have irfanview 32bit installed and it's NOT the only app I've noticed this on, despite the limited selection. It's just that I could make a screenshot on a fairly fresh W10 install which exhibits the issue. On some machines I actually installed 32bit by accident, having both irfanviews, other times I gave in and uninstalled 64bit to avoid reoccurence. On my parents office PC I installed 32bit to avoid this issue, which in my experience is totally reproducible, I simply install W10, remove IE and install some "essential" apps, including CCleaner & irfanview. This has happened to me on clean W10 installs multiple times, it was present on a recent install on a different machine, which unfortunately expired on Sunday, which meant I moved and ran the update advisor on a desktop. I don't think I've had it happen with 7zip though, which I can install via 64bit MSI, whereas ifranview provides a self extracting .exe and a SHA256 sum to check.
  2. On a few different machines (one now deceased failing to start BIOS even), I have run a mix of Free & Professional since the Driver feature was added as I maintain boxes for myself & family. I have installed some updates recommended by my mobo manufacturer and windows update, for some reason at times CCleaner is suggesting downgrades to the version. I may have non-WHQL drivers installed as stability hot fixes, when other drivers add features and cause isssues. But it's not clear what driver versions are being advised as Win Update doesn't suggest new versions. Right now, Driver Update is looking like a scam feature, because it's unclear what source the drivers are and the suggestions lack justification. It's not unknown for companies like Nvidia to recommend massive downloads of driver updates only for them to refuse to install. Many driver updates are specific to a particular model and shouldn't be installed generally, others are security fixes which should be prioritised. As it is, it's just CCleaner's reputation behind the updates, presumably perceived as a saleable feature, but this implementation is likely to sully Piriform's hard won reputation yet further unless great care is taken. Given the SW updater's propensity to recommend 32bit installs/updates to 64bit software which has not been fixed in years, all users should be very sceptical.
  3. Since the Update feature was added: 1) it would falsely claim updates were required, when 32bit had updates that were not released on 64bit 2) it attempts to downgrade 64bit apps to 32bit ones I show a screenshot of Irfanview 64 being incorrectly re-installed with a 32bit version. At times the 32 & 64 bit versions of apps should co-exist, plugins often weren't ported to 64bits, but 32bit is inherently less secure than 64 due to address space limitations so favouring Win32 is a deviant habit. I was amazed that search did not turn up previous reports of this, but perhaps it's swamped.
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