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Keep running in the taskbar


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"Run CCleaner when the computer starts" does not remain running in the background. - It cleans once at boot time and then closes.
It does not remain running in the background, it does not leave an icon on the taskbar.
It does this clean 'silently' so you do not see the CCleaner screen.
You will see the CCleaner logo in the middle of the taskbar for a second or two, but it's only there for seconds and you may not even notice it.

"Smart Cleaning" if turned on (enabled) does need to run in the background and puts the CCleaner logo in the System Tray part of the taskbar on the right.

"Automatic Updates" if turned on in versions since v5.74, released earlier this week, also needs to run in the background and puts the CCleaner logo in the System Tray part of the taskbar.

If either or both of those last two options is turned on then CCleaner will have a background task running and will have an icon in the system tray similar to this:

If both are turned off then CCleaner won't running in the background, and the icon will not be there:

When running the background task(s) will not be using many resources.
Smart Cleaning just checks once in a while to see if junk is building up and/or if you have closed a browser.
Automatic Updates checks twice a day (if your computer is turned on) to see if there is a new update available.

There was a glitch in the early release of v5.74 (first few days) where the new "Automatic Updates" would also turn on "Smart Cleaning" -  so it could be difficult to turn both of them off.

That glitch has quickly been fixed and if you downoad/reinstall CCleaner again you should now be able to turn both those options off.
(If you already have a downloaded installer don't use it - download/install the new one).
If you do have "Automatic Updates" turned on then CCleaner will do this itself to fix things. - That's why the Automatic Updates are now an option for all users, Free and Pro.

*** Out of Beer Error ->->-> Recovering Memory ***

Worried about 'Tracking Files'? Worried about why some files come back after cleaning? See this link:


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