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Actualice a WiFi 6

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Hola, decidí abrir este hilo porque no pude encontrar una respuesta válida a mi pregunta al buscar una solución en Google.
¿Vale la pena actualizar del enrutador WiFi 5 a WiFi 6? Dame algunas sugerencias, muchas gracias



Hi, I decided to open this thread because I couldn't find a valid answer to my question when googling for a solution. Is it worth upgrading from WiFi 5 router to WiFi 6? Give me some suggestions, thank you very much


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There is lots of information out there.

But as a quick answer - Probably not.

Your devices have to be WiFi 6 capable as well as the router.
So unless you have a lot of WiFi 6 enabled devices connected you won't see any difference.

It's like 4G/5G for mobile phones, If you phone is only 3G capable then it can't connect to 4G or 5G and so will still use 3G.

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