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CCleaner v5.65.7632 Forum and Release Announcement Problems

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@Stephen CCleaner

In Announcements forum posting for CCleaner v5.65.7632,


"Read more" and "View the full article" links at end of posting BOTH link,
incorrectly, to exactly the same release announcement for v5.64.7613


rather than the appropriate release announcement for v5.65.7632


Also, two links to the same thing is redundant, so maybe the "Read more" link should go.

Lastly, the release announcement linked to for v5.65.7632


contains a second "Smart Cleaning" section with 3 bullet points about languages
and translations that probably should be renamed from "Smart Cleaning" to
"Localization" to match the Announcements forum posting.


Thanks in advance for your kind attention to these matters!

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5 hours ago, cbaumer0628 said:

Just bumping this thread to get a belated fix for the previous CCleaner release (v5.65.7632) announcement!

Thanks in advance!


Well in the latest build 5.66 Announcement,  'read more and 'view the full article' both point to the right place.

I guess fixing 5.65 link may not be a priority for them.

CCleaner documentation can be found here


Support contact




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