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Wipe clipboard history (Windows 10 1809) [now in CCleaner 5.61]

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I have just updated to Windows 1903 and turned on the clipboard history.

When there were a few entries in the clipboard history list:

 --- I launched CCleaner 5.60.7307 portable.

--- I checked that 'clipboard' was checked under custom clean --> Windows --> System.

--- I ran CCleaner.

Unfortunately, the whole clipboard history is still there, including the most recent clip.
 - - - - - - - -

I need hardly say how dangerous this is.  People copy passwords, contact details, . . . using the clipboard, and there was previously little problem because only the most recent clip was kept.  Now all the clips are all kept, after reboot, and potentially for a long time.  CCleaner users will be expecting that when they tick 'clipboard', all those entries will disappear each time CCleaner is run, but they don't.

Could I suggest that Piriform:

1.  Update CCleaner as soon as possible to fix this.

2.  In the meantime, advise its users of the security problem, and the fact that they need to go to Settings --> System --> Clipboard --> Clear
to get rid of their old clips.
 - - - - - - - -

I very much doubt that Windows is overwriting old clips in the way that CCleaner can do, and the old clips can surely be recovered by an expert.  I am turning off Clipboard history until it is established that CCleaner is working properly on the Clipboard history, and is overwriting that history securely.

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Thanks for the above link. I didn't realise that clipboard is partly now cloud based but the above article shows how to clear clipboard history.

If I've read the above correctly the clipboard history is only cloud based if you choose to sync across devices. On my laptop I haven't enabled that feature nor have I enabled Clipboard History. As a result there's nothing showing when I press the Windows key + v even though I've used Clipboard a few times today. At least this thread has made me aware of a potential security problem.

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  • Dave CCleaner changed the title to Wipe clipboard history (Windows 10 1809)
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Support for newer windows features (at least with regards to strictly locally stored information) will always be in the feature queue - but thanks for signalling interest in the new Windows 10 (1809) multi-clipboard cleaning.  This was passed along to the developers and the multi-clipboard cleaning was added as a feature in the latest release (for local storage only - not cloud synced data):


Thanks @Julianonfor the suggestion!

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  • Dave CCleaner changed the title to Wipe clipboard history (Windows 10 1809) [now in CCleaner 5.61]

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