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Uninstall an app as an administrator


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Lately, I have had difficulties uninstalling OneDrive, even OneDrive support hasn't found a solution so far as it starts with the message


so they asked me to uninstall as an admin but it doesn't work in Windows 10, we tried so many things. So I thought I could do it with CCleaner, but uninstalling normally does not fix the problem, when I reinstall I still get the same message when starting the app.

So I though that if you could allow uninstalling an app as an admin from CCleaner, it might remove more stuff and therefore work to fix issues like this.

Hope you will seriously consider this suggestion. Thanks a lot in advance, sincerely, Joanie

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@Andavari , @wizlon Thanks for the suggestions. I managed to uninstall OneDrive with Powershell.

But the goal was to be able to use OneDrive again... and when I reinstall, I still get the same message and can't use it.

I'm desperate for a solution, how do I remove the full admin rights that OneDrive wants to use when starting?

Thanks for any additional help and suggestions, sincerely, Joanie

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That error message is interesting in the way that it says "full administrator rights".

Are you using the special "Windows Administrator" account in Win 10?

That account has very special privileges and should not be used as a normal Administrator account.
Most people don't even know that it is there and will never see it except during the initial Windows installation.

Assuming that you do have other accounts set up:
Open a command window and type in "net user administrator /active:no" - without the quote marks.

Then reboot and use a normal Admin account, or a user account.


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