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can't install ccleaner

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Trying to download CCleaner. The download shows on my pc, but, it will not install. Have tried all suggestions, but still not installing. I just purchased this computer (Dell Inspiron 5000, all in one) with Windows 10 operating system. Any help would be appreciated.

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g'day swbnb and welcome.

what suggestions have you tried?
what error are you getting?

have you tried this;

uninstall your current version first.
then go into the Program Files folder for CC and delete its contents
    (keep the .ini file if you have customised settings)
download the latest build from here; https://www.piriform.com/ccleaner/builds (or use FileHippo for previous versions)
reboot the PC then install CC from your downloaded file.
if you need to convert this Free version to the Pro, go to Options > About and enter your license key.

if no luck, try the install with the PC in Safe Mode.
or try the Slim or Portable builds to see if they work.

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Downloaded the appropriate build (ccsetup552_pro.exe). I can only install it in Safe Mode. I can only run it in Safe Mode. Once I switch back to normal mode, CCleaner gives and error message. Once I clear the error message, CCleaner shuts down.


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