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This "Summer Sale" popup needs to be rectified pronto.  Since updating to 5.44.6575, this popup shows up every time I turn my computer on or restart it -- it's not a one-shot deal.  Apparently, it's tied to one (or more) of three cookies that repeatedly show up in CCleaner>options>cookies.  These cookies are cleaned when you run CCleaner, but after restarting my PC and getting the popup, they are back.  They are also tied to Internet Explorer, which I don't use.  If I go into IE and manually clean cookies, they disappear from CCleaner  -- but -- as previously stated, they return after a restart along with the popup.  

The cookies are:  ipm-provider.ff.avast.com; avast.com and www.upsellit.com.

This is beyond annoying.  I honestly don't mind a one-time popup as I'm using a free product and the company has a right to try and make money.  However, I want control over my own computer and this popup and associated cookies cannot, at this point, be eradicated permanently. 

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