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  1. Nukecad, The one thing I have been using in CCleaner is the system restore module under tools to remove a particular restore point. Is there an alternative tool to do this ( pick and choose which point(s) to remove? thanks
  2. Does the latest version ( 5.46.6652 ) stop the annoying advertising popup? thank you
  3. bulajap

    Old Version

    Nukecad, do you know if the portable version ( from Portable Freeware Collection) has all this nonsense ( popups, collection of info)? thanks
  4. Has anyone tried the newest version 5.45.6611? Does the popup still exist with the newest version?
  5. Piriform, please respond and tell us what you are going to do to eliminate this obnoxious popup. If you intend to to do nothing then it is time for us to move on and delete this software from our computers
  6. Has anyone tried uninstalling this version and then reverting back to previous version? If so, will that eliminate this popup? It would be nice to hear from Piriform abiut his and what they intend to do to eliminate this.
  7. thank you, nukecad! You said it well!
  8. bulajap


    Ever since I upgraded to 5.44 free CCleaner, whenever I open the program I get a popup on the right hand side of taskbar to upgrade. How do I disable this popup?
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