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  1. Ditto here too, exactly the same occurence and setup... Using slim version, 5.46 has the 'sharing of information' checked, but nowhere do I see how to stop automatic updates.
  2. jwall

    Old Version

    The difference between standard and slim is just the 'bundled offer' in the installer. Once installed they are the same. There are threads on here that also tell you which files to copy from the standard installation to make the portable version. Thanks.
  3. jwall

    Old Version

    Ok, thanks. I may have to go that route if I can't find a slim version.
  4. jwall

    Old Version

    Greetings, I'm seeing the problems with the newer versions. How can I get version 5.40 slim? Thank you.
  5. jwall


    Thanks, hazelnut, it's working now, no waiting. Thanks to the devs too!
  6. jwall


    Well, some progress is being made. 5.42 is now listed on the builds page, but the download doesn't work. Thanks for the info, hazelnut.
  7. jwall


    I know this is asked a lot, but it's been over two weeks and no slim. The builds page doesn't show it and I've tried a search only to be taken to a blank page (cleaner.com). Is it not available anymore? Edit: Hmm, apparently it doesn't exist or nobody knows, judging from the lack of responses...
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