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change language for mac ?


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I downloaded ccleaner for mac on the official website this morning, and because i'm in Panama I think, it is in damn Spanish and I dont know a thing about Spanish when it comes to computers.

so how do i re-download in english on official website or how do i change the idioma (language).


thx! plz i dont have mush time help me!


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hello saignee,


i dont know if this is the same as in windows versions...


if you cant read this language


--> 4th icon on left side (options)

--> the next column --> first above (settings)

--> in the ccleaner internal-window --> first option (language) chose your language



an other simply way,


reinstall from your downloadet ccleaner-file and with the install-process there comes the install-language-question

Versions of CCleaner Cloud; Introduction Ccleaner Cloud;

Ccleaner-->System-Requirements; Ccleaner FAQ´s; Ccleaner builds; Scheduling Ccleaner Free


Es ist möglich, keine Fehler zu machen und dennoch zu verlieren. Das ist kein Zeichen von Schwäche. Das ist das Leben -> "Picard"

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