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SSL Certificate needed or not?

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A year and a half ago I registered my own domain, in order to have an exclusive email address me@mysurname.uk

I do not have a website, there is a 'parked' advertising page put there by the provider.

The provider now keeps sending me a reminder that my SSL Certificate will soon expire and asking me to renew it (at a cost).
(This is not the domain itself, that's paid till April 2018, they're asking extra for the Certificate).

Fair enough if I had an active website on this domain then I would want a security certificate for it.

But I'm thinking that as I don't have a website on the domain, and just use it for the email address, then I don't really need a SSL for it?
Their server SSL should be enough for the email, right?


As more individuals are now registering their own domains (and the hosting companies are starting to advertise heavily to home users) this could be a nice little earner for the providers, selling you a certificate that you don't really need.

Any thoughts or confirmation of what I'm thinking.

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As said above I do not have a website on that domain, so don't need a website SSL for it.


On 03/10/2017 at 5:48 PM, Andavari said:

Perhaps contact their support and be bold asking them some tough questions.

I emailed them asking why they kept trying to sell me something that if they checked my account with them they could clearly see that I did not need.

No reply, but the 'reminder' sales emails stopped.

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