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Windows 7 Service Pack 3


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Woody Leonhard wrote an article with a VERY interesting headline


"Signs point to Microsoft's imminent release of Windows 7 'Service Pack 3'"




(from january 18, 2017. One month old).



- Seems the folks at MS have read my comments on the MS blog. I posted a comment three times on their blog with the suggestion for a new SP.

- I must say I am looking forward to that SP3 for my Win 7 system. (Or is it going to be SP2 ??).

- Perhaps MS is also going to issue a new Service Pack for Win 8 ?

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I do like Woody's glass half full spin on it all.

MS skips a couple of updates to Win7 and he sees it as "Woohoo, SP3 must be coming".

Whereas I read that as "Well, they've finally given up on Win7 then".


I don't see it ever happen, certainly not holding my breathe.

Their complete and utter mess that was 'SP2' was the main reason I converted, and continue to upgrade, all Win7 machines to Win10.

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- Perhaps they want to avoid the "SP 2" mess again and issue SP 3 ?

- My personal opinion is that issueing a new SP would avoid A LOT OF hassle, for A LOT OF people including MS itself. I also have written on this forum that a new SP would provide a clean stable foundation for those monthly roll up (security) updates MS started to issue in october 2016.

- No, I am not holding my breath too. But I certainly would love to see a new Win 7 SP. But it seems MS was too busy fixing bugs in Win 10.

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