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The newly downloaded software won't run


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I need your help. I downloaded a software for displaying the data that I collect using a magnetometer. The software is developed by the manufacturer. I was able to successfully install it, but, when I try to extract the file and execute the program, it doesn't work. I tried re-installing, however, nothing changed. It doesn't show an error msg.This is the software I installed, 


I am using Windows 8 OS. Could it be that it doesn't run on 8? what do you think ? I need your suggestions. 



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I have heard of  gemsys;  it's a geophys equipment manufacturer/supplier for doing ground surveys.


Used by developers to survey building sites, and also by archaeologists. 


As hazelnut says it's specialist stuff, the software will be bespoke, contact the company.


(You might get some help on using it at some of the dedicated CAD forums. Try cadtutor.com there's lots of members there who do groundwork stuff, the ones who use gemsys are probably in the USA so as you are in Canada it will most llikely be the same version)


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System Requirements:

Processor:     minimum 800MHz

RAM:     minimum 500 MB

Hard:     Disk Space minimum 500 MB

OS:     Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7



If you experience any difficulties or have suggestions, we would appreciate hearing your comments. Please send an email to info@gemsys.ca and include “GEMLink V5.2” in the header line of your email.




Maybe the way to go.

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