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CCleaner 1.28 problem?


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After running 1.28 my system behaves strange. I choose to clean all applications and issues.

When I restarted, I did not get assigned DHCP IP address as I normally do, well atleast not immediately.

And when I opened "Task Manager" then all services and programs had an empty "User Name" field.

I waited a minute or so, and then all services and programs had got the username they are supposed to have and I got an IP address too.


Anyone else know about this problem or got same or similiar problem?

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I had an error 718 message when I installed 1.28.

I'm not sure but I think it's a dial-up error- I'm on broadband. After another reconnection attempt, it was okay.

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Can this problem really be related to CCleaner? I can't figure out how CCleaner could interefere with our DHCP addresses.


I guess that I'm questioning whether or not CCleaner is the problem. I might be, but I think that something else could be going on too. DHCP problems are fairly common.


I don't want to assume that CCleaner is the cause without obtaining some sort of proof. :P

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