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admin rights getting back in vista?

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hi fans,


i fumble just around on Vista and have found that I probably have not the full admin rights. but my account is listed as the admin


also i can not uninstall unnecessary Vista software


and with UAC I also had problems (I could not change the level ...) and i have therefore disabled by regedit




does anyone know how to get back the full administrator rights in Vista?

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If it were my machine I would use Windows Repair from Tweaking.com (the developer smc1979 is a member here)




When you get to the repairs tab only select the boxes for file permissions and registry permissions .


It will take a little while to run.

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thank you for your advice, :) i have try it...


--> the state of admin rights has remained the same

--> for now missing in the update is set to "for windows and other products..."



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in conjunction with Vista I have a question ...

i have a kind of "photo calendar" with changing pics still from W98-hours. With UAC enabled the small program is constantly being blocked. (in 7 too)
Is there a way to define an exception rule for the UAC so that it no longer blocked in the future?


(without uac works)

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somehow that did not work ... its only for w7.


"ignore the UAC" with trigger function (1.st at startup and 2.nd as login -->  has both not worked.  :wacko:  there came the error message: "You are not logged on the network"

--> i thought: what for a network at home? <_<



maybe I need sometime reinstall Windows Vista or I just turn only the UAC from.


but I thank you very much for your help, Hazelnut :)

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