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userprofiles on w8.1 64bit

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hi fans,


i have looked by random on the category "systemoptions-->advanced-->userprofils" (win 8.1 64bit)


after update with the many new optional updates yesterday i have today 4 new profiles called "Konto unbekannt (account unknown)" and all of this with timestamp 24.04.15 and with 3 of 4 with size of 2,76 MB and 1 of 4 with size of 2,68 MB.


has anyone a idea, if this is "normal"?


then i have the standard-profil with 1,37 MB and my profile with 330 MB



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i believe these unknown accounts has microsoft update applied, but not deleted.


i have seen again a few days ago and there are another new "unknown accounts"

overall 6 unknown accounts

+ "updatususer" with 2,69 mb size as new account


i have delete all unknown accounts, but cant delete "updatususer"



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Updateuser is nVidia if I recall correctly

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thank you for pointing this out nergal :)


i had the final total of 3 "updatusUser.*****" accounts :blink:  :wacko::angry: 2 of them i could delete






the option "net user updatusUser /delete" did not work for all of this "updatusUser.MeinASUS*"

and the "Nvidia update-component" was uninstalled in windows control panel too but the account was not able do delete :angry:


the nvidia update component was not displayed at the install prozess.


only after real bad problems with install/uninstall/restart etc. (nvidia update, not ran, but was installed) i could now delete the last update account :)


ps: i have found out that the "unknown accounts" from nvidia update install process too

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