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Media Player Classic recent files cleaning


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Was trying to find where a video I saved was located so did a search, and it came up with this file that referenced the video inside of it


Does that not get cleaned by CCleaner or winapp2.ini?  or could it?

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Does default.mpcpl contain anything other than the recent file list (eg. configuration settings, etc?) Because the template winapp2.ini does not delete config files, but if that file is OK to delete, there's no reason not to add it!

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It's just for the file played.


Here's an example from the playlist it created on my system (I've been personally deleting it for years via my own MPC cleaner via winapp2.ini):

1,filename,E:\Video\Dream Theater\Dream Theater-Breaking The Fourth Wall (Live)-TV Version-2014-AC3-Xvid.avi



This FileKey deletes it for MPC, a FileKey will still need to be made for MPC-HC:

FileKey1=%AppData%\Media Player Classic|default.mpcpl
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