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  1. I know you can run a command line with the auto switch to have it clean everything you have checked in the program. But is there a way to run it from the command line but just clean a particular program say Firefox or Chrome, rather than everything?
  2. Would be nice if you could just wipe the MFT's free space by itself. Sounds like the only way to do it currently is a wipe free space on the drive with the MFT option checked, but then you have to cancel the process once it gets past the MFT part. See below: http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?s=6b104f44393780c49cecfd0ffd1ad395&showtopic=45513
  3. Thanks Augeas. So there's no real way, even with the command line, to have it JUST do the Wipe MFT part then stop? I'm not sure how long that would take on a SSD, but I'm afraid I wouldn't catch it in time and it starts unnecessarily doing the WFS part.
  4. Have a SSD, and when I run Recuva it shows a ton of files, but I thought with a SSD with TRIM that files couldn't be recovered anyway? I know Recuva just reads the MFT, but is there a way to use CCleaner on a SSD to eliminate the old file names from the MFT, for security's sake. I'm more curious in the how then worried about actually doing it, nobody wants the names of my old spreadsheets , but security stuff like that peaks my interests. Thanks in advance for any insight.
  5. Did you ever figure out a solution? I'm having the same problem, but stuck at 16%.
  6. Still no progress after another 12 hours, so I cancelled and decided to try the same exercise with the drive but from a different computer. I'm back at 16% with the same number of files found, and the estimated time is now up to 2 days. Hopefully there's some command line switch or something I can use to have it timeout on a particular thing after so long, so it will continue checking the rest of the drive and find more files to recover.
  7. I'm trying to run a deep scan on a 1TB hard drive that was accidentally formatted (or at least partially formatted). It was progressing at a slow but steady clip, but now it's been stuck at 16% for about 12 hours with the estimated time remaining has jumped from 16 hours prior to it hitting 16% to now 4 days. I can still hear the HDD making noises though. Should I let it keep running or is it stuck? Recuva hasn't thrown any errors or anything. Could it be hung up on a bad block or something and it's never going to progress? Are there any options I should try to help it along (if i have to start the process over).
  8. Thanks. I seem to remember ccleaner having a wipe mft option but it doesn't look like it's there anymore. So a "wipe mft" is really the only way to get the file names references in the MFT to disappear so they don't show up for Recuva? If so, how can you do that now that ccleaner won't anymore.
  9. I may be going a little off topic here from my original post, but how does the MFT flush itself of remnants of deleted files? Is there a way to force it, so that way Recuva would return a much shorter list of files to look through?
  10. Trying to get this straight in my head. With SSD's, they use TRIM to essentially wipe the spot a deleted file was at I think. But if you run Recuva it gives a green light for a bunch of files on an SSD, and if you try to overwrite those it prompts you to skip it because you have an SSD. So is Recuva no longer needed for SSD's?
  11. Thanks. Wonder why it doesn't do that, seems like they clean it for other programs. Maybe just an oversight or nobody ever mentioned it before.
  12. Thanks! Hopefully they check it out and add it
  13. So how do I add that to the suggestion box?
  14. Was trying to find where a video I saved was located so did a search, and it came up with this file that referenced the video inside of it C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Roaming\MPC-HC\default.mpcpl Does that not get cleaned by CCleaner or winapp2.ini? or could it?
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