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Speccy 19 reports incorrect memory installed.


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Hi Speccy people.


In the summary, Speccy 19 says I have 1 GB of ram installed.

I do not.


I have 3 sticks of 256 megs installed. 768 megs total.


The detailed RAM section of speccy gets this correct.

The summary does not.


Speccy generated report is attached.


Have a happy fiscal cliff, or perhaps not.



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Thanks for confirming that. I thought I attached the report, but maybe I did it wrong.

I am on Speccy 1.23 and it still has this trouble, only on a different computer. Doesn't display the correct amount

of memory in the summary, only in the detailed section. I am sad... :(

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report isn't attached

Still true. Please attach a report thanks ;)

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