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  1. Augeas , ок, i understand. I send a e-mail to developers, explain them this little bug. Это нормально? по русски понимаешь? ))
  2. I saw here on the forum a few topics with the same problem! and I repeat that the problem occurs not only on my computer! I sometimes do repairs and setup of computers, and noticed this bug on several different computers.
  3. Dear developers, i live in Russia and $19.95 for Pro-version of Speccy - is quite a lot of money! May be you do on the website piriform.com accept payments-thanks from users who want to thank you for your program! Something like Paypal-wallet, etc. Who will want to support you - they can :) I would also translated you some money (5$ for example) for your efforts over Ccleaner, Recuva, Speccy.
  4. Augeas, "interesting" logic has company Piriform.. That is - for fixing problem in your program, I have to pay? To me, this small bug does not apply specifically, I just brought the information about it and hoped that it quickly correct... Because this bug is not in me only, but many users. Why should I pay for something, what would the developers have noticed him and started to fix it???? What a strange logic... Let them pay those who need the Pro version and support from developers! I don't need support, I just reported a bug and hoped that it quickly correct. That's all! Thank you for your attention.
  5. In other words, the function of definitions RAM worked fine in version 1.16, and then they broke something and all the following versions Speccy - began to show a wrong amount in the main program window (in Summary page). That is, developers need to look at the old version 1.16 and understand what they broke...
  6. Yes, i have 3 slots in use. 2 GB, 1 GB and 512 mb DDR2. I repeat that all versions after 1.16 incorrectly shows the amount of RAM in main window of programm. In the section of RAM size or RAM displayed correctly. Version 1.16 display correct amount of RAM in main window and in the section of RAM. This problem I've noticed not only on your computer, some other computers that have a different amount of RAM - has the same bug.
  7. what we need here the forum - I do not understand! A year and a half, the developers never said and the problem is still not solved...
  8. Version 1.26 has the same bug! All versions after 1.16 has this bug! version 1.16 display RAM correct in main window. see screenshot.
  9. Hello guys! Speccy 1.24 have the same bug! Why admins and moderators don't even pay attention to this problem? the problem has dragged on for more than a year! Please note already finally, look at the screenshots! If you need logs, then say, I will send it to you.
  10. Hello,dear developers! I noticed that version 1.19 not right shows the size of the RAM in the main window! I have only 3.5 GB ,and it is shown that is 4 GB. In the section of RAM size displayed correctly. See screenshot, screenshot 1- main window ,incorrectly displays memory. screenshot 2 -section of RAM ,correctly displays memory. Please,fix this bug.
  11. Hello! I confirm that the version 1.19 mistakenly displays memory in the main window.
  12. Hi! in new version Speccy 1.12.265 GPU temp of Palit GeForce 8400GS is working! thanks for fixing it! close this topic.
  13. Hi guy*s! i am from Russia, and i use cool programm Speccy in version 1.11.256 dont working GPU temp NVIDIA GeForce 8400GS ! please, fix this bug.
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