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  1. This is a great forum. My sincere thanks to all of you who responded with your wisdom. I will share this info with my friend. Much appreciation. May God bless all of you. George
  2. Thanks for confirming that. I thought I attached the report, but maybe I did it wrong. I am on Speccy 1.23 and it still has this trouble, only on a different computer. Doesn't display the correct amount of memory in the summary, only in the detailed section. I am sad...
  3. Greetings All... Under Tools > Startup, I can disable programs listed there so they won't startup when the computer starts up. I was told by someone that the programs do start anyway at computer boot up time, but that CCleaner will shut them down after they have started, because well, I set them to "disable" and not "enable" in the CCleaner program. This is all under Tools > Startup. I'm having a little trouble accepting this explanation of how CCleaner works with regard to disabling programs from starting up at Windows bootup time. It was explained to me that the computer will boot up slowly if I use CCleaner to disable programs from starting, instead of disabling programs from starting using the "msconfig" program. I was told that if I use CCleaner to disable programs from starting up, then the computer will boot up slowly. But if I use the "msconfig" program to disable the programs from starting up... then the computer will boot up quicker. I am being told to uninstall Ccleaner and not to use it to disable other programs from starting. I was told that using "msconfig" is the correct way to disable programs from starting, and that it is not correct to use CCleaner to disable programs from starting. Is this true? It would make sense to me that CCleaner would tell Windows to not startup any programs that were "disabled" by CCleaner. It would seem strange to me to have Windows start the programs at boot time anyway, causing the start up time to be longer, and then stop (disable) the disabled programs after they are already running. I don't understand how CCleaner works in this regard. I don't care if I am currently right or wrong with respect to how CCleaner actually works. I just want to have the truth on this issue. Thanks for any help. George.
  4. Hi Speccy people. In the summary, Speccy 19 says I have 1 GB of ram installed. I do not. I have 3 sticks of 256 megs installed. 768 megs total. The detailed RAM section of speccy gets this correct. The summary does not. Speccy generated report is attached. Have a happy fiscal cliff, or perhaps not. George.
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