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CCleaner 4 Suggestion

Super Fast

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Did you bother to read my initial post, Alan_B? Here's the pertinent portion (with my emphasis added):


I take note of the topic starter.

But after several weeks I forget all the individual posts on previous pages.

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5) No Metro please!


Metro is ugly. It will cause CCleaner to kick the bucket, :) If you unpretty it, add skins, please!!! And allow users to use older skin by default.



Thank you, CCleaner Gods!!!


* Please, please, please!!! If you use Metro, just add it as a skin, & let the default skin your using now be default so it won't bloat CCleaner... :)




i mean ... yo :D

Versions of CCleaner Cloud; Introduction Ccleaner Cloud;

Ccleaner-->System-Requirements; Ccleaner FAQ´s; Ccleaner builds; Scheduling Ccleaner Free


Es ist möglich, keine Fehler zu machen und dennoch zu verlieren. Das ist kein Zeichen von Schwäche. Das ist das Leben -> "Picard"

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