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Recuva gives error message


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I have a 1TB external WD hard drive that is partitioned into drive G and drive H.

Drive H is where my data is stored.

Drive H was working fine one day but the next day I went to access it and it tells me that it is not accessable and wants me to format it. I of course said no.

It gives me the error message: DATA ERROR (CYCLIC REDUNDANCY ERROR)


I can still access drive G on this physical piece of hardware so I know it is not the drive itself.


In disk management it says that drive H is now RAW where it used to be NTFS.


Someone suggested I use Recuva.


I tried but Recuva also says DATA ERROR (CYCLIC REDUNDANCY ERROR)


What can I do to get my data off of this partition H?


Thank you in advance to those who try to help.


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I suggested RAW mode recovery for this utility sometime a while back.


Seems like a very useful, ahem, item to have.

Especially in a situation like this.


Have had the same thing happen to me a number of times.

I do have a utility that I use that CAN recover from RAW mode drives.


But, I hesitate to name it, for the frowns I would get from others here.

That said, I love Recuva, but as far as I know, they never implemented RAW recovery mode yet.

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what the crap with anything this people make anymore?????

You are a malcontent spammer


You should not hijack another persons topic with STUPID complaints that cannot be resolved without appropriate information.


Please have the decency to start your own topic and not pollute other peoples topics with your bad manners and foul language.

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