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  1. I had been using an older version just fine v4.xx. I tried updating to 5.35 but keep getting the error Error opening file for writing: 0\CCleaner.exe Click Abort to stop the installation, Retry to try again, or Ignore to skip this file. Hitting Ignore through this file and at least 20 finishes with 5.35 is installed and the check box for starting it is checked. However, nothing opens. When searching the computer, CCleaner is not installed anywhere. I am running Windows 7 Home Premium. I've uninstalled the prior version and deleted all previous CCleaner folders and exe versions. I even deleted the new exe setup and redownloaded it. However I am getting the exact same error. I am running it as Administrator. The setup does not ask me where I want to install it so I can't change the 0 folder to another folder like someone suggested above. What else can I try? It seems several people are having this problem so it has to have a fix somewhere. Thank you,
  2. I have a 1TB external WD hard drive that is partitioned into drive G and drive H. Drive H is where my data is stored. Drive H was working fine one day but the next day I went to access it and it tells me that it is not accessable and wants me to format it. I of course said no. It gives me the error message: DATA ERROR (CYCLIC REDUNDANCY ERROR) I can still access drive G on this physical piece of hardware so I know it is not the drive itself. In disk management it says that drive H is now RAW where it used to be NTFS. Someone suggested I use Recuva. I tried but Recuva also says DATA ERROR (CYCLIC REDUNDANCY ERROR) What can I do to get my data off of this partition H? Thank you in advance to those who try to help. Cindy
  3. Just incase anyone else ever describes what I was trying to do and look for a way to "check" all of a certain file type, instead of checking each box one by one by one... the trick wasn't to CHECK THE BOX OF EACH FILES it was to HIGHLIGHT the FILE NAME AND DO A SHIFT/SELECT on the last file name (not check box) Here is what I posted in the tech forum where folks were giving me advice Re: External harddrive - Data Error - Cyclic Redundancy Check -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Quote: Originally Posted by spaciousmind but what I did (and this was over 1TB of data) was just first click the status column to sort all the undeleted files, then just select the top of them, and then scroll down and shift+select the bottom of all the undeleted files I had already done this. things were sorted correctly. But shift/select from top to bottom didn't "CHECK" anything. I had to check each box one by one by one. HOWEVER..... The magic word in the rest of the post "HIGHLIGHT" made me think of clicking on something other than the BOXES. Quote: Originally Posted by spaciousmind . . . .. That should highlight them all and then I think you can rightclick on them and tell it to check all selected files or else just transfer all highlighted files over to another drive. Either way should get you the results you need I selected the NAME of the first file and then shift/select the last file NAME (NOT BOX) and it "HIGHLIGHTED" the entire group of undeleted files. Now I can right click and "recover highlighted" instead of "recover checked"!!!!! I will hook up a empy drive and see if that can save those files now. thank you! Cindy
  4. The Windows version is Windows 7 Professional - 64 bit I will try the Unstoppable Copier then instead of Recuva. Which do you recommend...the installer version or the stand alone version? Thanks for giving me another option. Windows is on day 3 of continuing trying to copy H over to a different physical drive. That is unbelievable! One would think it would copy every thing it could then give you a list of things it had problems with when it was finished copying over what it could, instead of stopping dead in it's tracks and waiting for you to come home and discover that it wasn't working most of the day! Cindy
  5. shift clicking and ctrl clicking only will just do one box at a time (I tried both of those first as I am used to doing that in Windows). I did come upon a possibility though by changing the view to tree view and chosing the folders versus choosing the individual files. I think that might work unless there are hidden deleted files in each of the folders.
  6. I can see where you are wondering (laughing) at this!!! I was steered toward Recuva to help with a sudden error message trying to access an external harddrive after a Windows/IE8 crash. When I went to get a file out of this hard drive I was given a pop up message that the drive was not accessible and the only option it wanted to give me was to format my hard drive!!!! When I x'd out of this the next pop up box said "Data Error (cyclic redundancy check)". This physical drive is a WD 1TB drive partioned into drive G and drive H. I can get into G just fine. But the messages start when trying to get into H. Recuva can see and access this drive so I was going to use it to get the files off of the drive that I was not allowed to access normally. The drive managed to allow me normal access again after a reboot but I was going to use Recuva to just get my data off of it as trying to "copy" the data now to a different physical hard drive keeps stopping because it can't access some files. I've been copying for 2 days and it still isn't finished. I just thought Recuva might be more efficient in getting the data recovered to a different drive. I don't need any of the files that I've deleted from the data prior to this crash, just need the files that were never deleted moved off of this drive because of the cyclic redundancy check thing.
  7. cntl click still only allows checking one box at a time, not a specific large group of files. I am looking to click all the double circle green icons only in one fell swoop because I only want to restore anything that I have not previously deleted.
  8. I have found that I can "select all" files once Recuva has scanned but I just want to select only non deleted files and ignore files that were previously deleted. Is there a way to do this without going through each and every file one at a time? I only want to select the green double circle icon files. I could not find this anywhere in the "how to" documents. Thanks, Cindy
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