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I never realized MS Device Manager can't be trusted!


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That is, the driver update. Around six months ago I set up a Linksys E2000 router for my daughter who resides in Boston (I live in PA). Every PC ( mine, husbands, siblings, etc.) that ever entered the house connected to the www flawlessly except her HP G60 laptop. It could/would connect to the network but the network would not allow a connection to the www, listing her connection as having only "Limited Access." There are dozens and dozens of threads around with the issue, not necessarily with just HPs. At that time I tried numerous "fixes" posted without success, including updating the Network Adapter's driver. When MS would search online (from the adapter's properties) it would always state the driver was up to date (2008). This weekend on the HP support forum there was a thread about the adapter not being compatible with the E2000 and a link for a 2010 driver which finally solved the problem. However, before downloading and installing it I again tried to update from the device manager and again it stated the driver was up to date. So beware!

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I would personally never update device drivers from Windows built in Device Manager since it once made a software that requires a security device completely fail and the reinstall of the software takes almost one hour. Wouldn't use Microsoft Update/Windows Update for device drivers either!

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