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Uninstalling McAfee Total Protection

Guest Shane0500

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Guest Shane0500

This is what I posted on Runescape Tech Support Forums:


Hello, I have McAfee Total Protection.


Version: 10.5.216

Installed Size: 188 MB


I would like to uninstall it and replace it with a freeware like MSE or Avira AntiVir.


But the only problem is that we did not install it, my uncle did and owns the licenses.


Subscription Info:


- 3 Licenses

- 180 days left

- Expires on 5/7/2011

- Status Active

- (My Uncles email)


If I click the "Deactivate This Software" link, it brings me to a page for me to log in, although I do not know my uncles log in information to deactivate our McAfee software.




"If I uninstall the program completely, does the license expire or go away for my program?"


"If I uninstall McAfee completely, does my uncle still have to renew the unused license?"


"Do I have to deactivate the software before uninstalling it?"


When he bought it, I guess he got 3 licenses for 3 PC's, so I'm thinking that if I remove my McAfee, it will not impact him.


I just want this program off my computer, and for my uncle not to have to pay for software that is not being used.

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Am I right in thinking that your uncle put it on your machine and his own machine?


If you uninstall it, your uncle will still be able to use it on his own machine. I am sure he will have kept the license info.


When you uninstall it you do not have to answer to anyone at McAfee about your reasons, it is after all your machine.


Can I suggest that after you have uninstalled you run the removal tool from McAfee to make sure all is gone, then reboot. Read here




Make sure that you have downloaded the installer for your next choice of av (MSE or Avira are both OK) before you uninstall McAfee so that you do not have to go online unprotected to get it.

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