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Possible AVG Replacment.


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I've still only had that one problem with the right click on my Vista laptop but have had continuing problems with my XP PC hanging on a right click. Today I disabled the right click context menu entry for the Avira on demand virus scan on my XP PC and haven't (so far) had any problems despite deliberately right clicking every file I have been opening (and I must have right clicked various files over 30 times so far since disabling the context menu entry!). I'll see how it goes. I rarely use the context menu scan anyway (even when I had AVG 7.5 the context menu file scan only got used once or twice a month) so if it continues to work OK I'll just re-enable it when I have to.

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Just had the right click freeze again, one more time and it's bye bye AntiVir, hello Avast <_<


No problem in my machine (XP SP3, Avira 9.0 & Comodo).I did many right clicks and worked fine...No freeze ;)


Try clean installation of Avira 9.0 :)

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