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Question on SpywareGuard have def file dated 2004


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Grabbed and installed SpywareGuard, and when I ran a LiveUpdate, it says the definition file is dated 2004. Makes me wonder if this is an abandoned product, and if there is a better realtime malware program. If there is, can you tell me what it is?


Also, is it intended for SpywareBlaster and SpywareGuard to coexist? I assume so since Guard is realtime, and it appears (correct me if I am wrong) that Blaster is a manual scanner. Is that accurate?


I am trying to get a couple machines setup with best software to protect. I may be stuck with IE. Machines are updated, IE Security is configured, and Avira is updated and automated. On one machine I added in MSVP Hosts file, and the IE black listing deal.


Should I be good?


Thanks for all the answers...



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SpywareGuard doesn't need to be updated, it uses heuristics and doesn't remove spyware


It works fine with SpywareBlaster, with Blaster you just update and run it every once in a while


Make sure you have a firewall like Comodo installed

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Welcome Sean.


SpywareGuard is abandonware.


SpywareBlaster can co-exist with any anti virus or anti malware application because of how it works with CLSIDs.


There are many topics discussing good and not so good applications here on the forum.


What I use are hpHosts and MVPS HOSTS files, Windows Defender and WinPatrol.


I occasionally use MBAM to verify that no infection has slipped through.

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Hello Sean,


SpywareBlaster is not a scanner. It loads entries into your registry to help prevent Spyware and cookies.

I use it with IE7 and IE7Pro. You may not need it if you are using a special Hosts file.


An excellent Malware scanner is MBAM. Use the free version for scanning and malware removal.

The program is free. Get the free version for now.

Just press download and ignore everything but selecting the MBAM download site. Don't mess with any free scans or such offered at the download sites if any. I personally used the Download.com site. http://www.malwarebytes.org/mbam.php

Once installed select Update tab and update the program.

Then select the Scan tab and do a quick scan. It only takes 7-10 mins to do a Quick scan on a slow PC and 3-4 mins on faster PC.


See this link and apply it. http://internetrotsyourbrain.com/rridgely/...eprevention.htm

Good luck,

:) davey

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Question: Is it necessary to run a software firewall if you are behind a router? In other words, my FIOS router serves as a firewall no?

Have a look at this 10 minute video and the best part starts at about the 8 minute mark:



I do not run a software firewall as it slows down my browsing too much and it is it like having suspenders and a belt on your trousers and you need to go quickly to the loo for a no. 2 after a few brew.


The ISP supplied DSL modem has a built in hardware firewall so I surf like I am wearing a skin tight Speedo suit.

"Education is what remains after one has forgotten everything he learned in school." - Albert Einstein

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