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  1. Question: Is it necessary to run a software firewall if you are behind a router? In other words, my FIOS router serves as a firewall no?
  2. Grabbed and installed SpywareGuard, and when I ran a LiveUpdate, it says the definition file is dated 2004. Makes me wonder if this is an abandoned product, and if there is a better realtime malware program. If there is, can you tell me what it is? Also, is it intended for SpywareBlaster and SpywareGuard to coexist? I assume so since Guard is realtime, and it appears (correct me if I am wrong) that Blaster is a manual scanner. Is that accurate? I am trying to get a couple machines setup with best software to protect. I may be stuck with IE. Machines are updated, IE Security is configured, and Avira is updated and automated. On one machine I added in MSVP Hosts file, and the IE black listing deal. Should I be good? Thanks for all the answers... Sean
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