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Add/Remove Programs List Problem

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Hi all, :)


I'm a new user of CCleaner. I searched the forums for my problem but to no avail. Here's my problem: I ran a reg issues fix including all but a few minor file associations, and everything seemed to be working fine. However, I attempted to run the windows add/remove module and it either doesn't load (i.e. shows the window and captions, but says 'please wait list is being populated') or takes a very long time to load (10 minutes). This happened immediately after CCleaner cleaned up.

I backed up the registry prior to cleanup using the option CCleaner gave me, but when I added the reg values back to my reg, nothing happened. I looked in other forums and on microsoft for a fix but I keep spinning my wheels. I realize that there are other uninstallers out there, but I'm looking to restore the windows one.

Facts: winxp service pack 2, system restore not on :( , norton antivirus, spybot, adaware


Any help would be greatly appreciated. :ph34r:

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This is taken from RegSeeker, it's supposed to fix tha Add/Remove feature, however I haven't tested it and can't verify if it works.


1. Copy the text in the code listed below then save as a .reg file such as: FixAddRemove.reg

2. Double click the .reg file and select Yes to merge the data.

3. Restart Windows.


Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00[HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\.htc]"Content Type"="text/x-component"[HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\.hta]@="htafile""Content Type"="application/hta"


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Sorry Adavari, I doubt that's it ;)

But, let me throw my two cents in:




Checkmark everything in section #1 and give it a shot (reboot LATER if it prompts you) and then if that fails, checkmark #2. Hell, you can checkmark everything if you want, it's safe :P

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Adavari- I tried the fix and nothing happened. Thanks anyway. I restored up my reg files afterwards just to be sure that I didn't mess around where I shouldn't have. :D


DJLizard- I tried the Dial-a-fix [sweet program! B) ], but it also did not solve my problem. I tried each section separately, then together. As far as I can tell, it didn't solve this particular problem. When I became ambitious and checked all of the checkboxes, I did receive an error, which I reported to the email address that popped up.


Again, thanks for your time, any help would be greatly appreciated. In case you're wondering, I'm running Norton AV 2005 with the latest dats. No viruses or spyware that I can tell, and spybot and adaware say I'm clean.


WinXp Pro, SP2

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Is appwiz.cpl present on your computer? (search for it)

If you go to Start, Run... and type:

regsvr32 appwiz.cpl

does that help any? (I don't think that's proper -- although it really does register the CPL, I don't think you're even supposed to do that, but I'm not sure -- I read it somewhere randomly)


are you saying your add/remove works, but it takes 10 minutes to come up, or that it sometimes works and sometimes not, or never works?


if it ever works, do any of the add/remove entries have a real large 'size' on them?


Something interesting I found... not related to fixing your issue, but: http://blogs.msdn.com/oldnewthing/archive/.../09/178342.aspx



edit>> maybe it's regsvr32 /n /i appwiz.cpl

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