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What size Ram do you have


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alright, I have a question, I thought it would be better to ask here, instead of creating a new thread.


I bought a new 512 chip, and I have added it to my old 256.

ever since I've added it to my system, when I am playing an online game, about 20-30 minutes into the game, the screen freezes and makes me restart. this never used to happen


the two chips are different speeds. one is PC2700, the other is PC3200. is this the cause of the problem? I was told it is okay to mix speeds.


PS. I buy my ram from crucial also B) cheap and ships fast

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Have you got the PC3200 in slot 1, and the PC2700 in slot 2. Because you have 2 speeds of ram, your CPU will run at the slower of the 2 sticks. PC2700 in your case


Are you running 'dual channel' , as Im lead to believe they have to be both the same speed.



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PC doesn't support dual channel. I have the 512 PC3200 in slot one, 256 PC2700 in slot two.

so having different sizes/speeds is ok? or it's not recommended?


I'm thinking of buying the same 512 chip, so they match.. I don't think my PC likes me mixing them up

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